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  1. Was able to order a R910 hotspot with unlimited data today. Looked at hotspots online while logged into my business account and plan selection was 10GB for $35 or unlimited for $55.
  2. Sprint's extended LTE in Northern WI and the UP looks closer to AT&T's LTE coverage than it does Cellcom's.
  3. That’s how the old map with “3G and More” kind of looked. Maybe they cherry picked certain sites.
  4. In Sister Bay, WI which is native for Sprint (but an area where they struggle greatly) my SG7 showed US Cellular LTE and Sprint 1X in signal check pro.
  5. I'm in Door County every other weekend. The towers in Fish Creek and Sister Bay have been updated to band 25. It really depends on where you're staying. I stay near the corner of Cty Rd Q and Hwy 57 near Sister Bay and I can only get 3G which is mostly unusable. Go a half mile up the road and you'll get LTE from the 1 tower in Sister Bay. Ephriam is horrible unless you're phone will roam on US Cellular LTE. The terrain really hurts the signal, it's too hilly.
  6. I've been seeing the b41 with a small two next to it in Green Bay, was wondering what that was.
  7. I have noticed a few drops to 3G. I can't say I've noticed it a lot in any specific area but it does happen.
  8. I have seen some pretty impressive speeds as well. Back on the 16th I got 59Mbs down near the airport on 172/Packerland. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it had to be that Tower on Babcock because no other tower is close. I'm still curious as to how well it will perform during a Packer game. I will find out on Thanksgiving night!
  9. Seems to be an outage in 54304 as all calls go to voicemail or a rapid busy signal. Near 41/Lombardi
  10. Spoke too soon! On Lombardi and Ridge, pulling 6 down and 4 up. Somebody map that shit!
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