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Found 5 results

  1. http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/10/apple-slated-to-hold-iphone-event-on-september-10 I'm due for an upgrade on my 4S. Can't wait.
  2. So, we all know about the lovely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus User thread, and there are many different device focused threads across S4GRU, but there are none for us older iPhone users. So, why should they get to have all the fun? This thread is dedicated to anything and everything about our beautiful (Spark-less) iPhone 5's and 5S's. Discuss anything like jailbreaks, hardware problems, how much you love your device, how great it is to have at least one LTE band compared to the folks who still have 4's and 4S's, ask questions and maybe you can get some answers, etc. etc. Discuss! -Anthony
  3. I just joined the LTE party recently, and lucky me, Sprint has started rolling out LTE where I spend most of my time. (Lehigh Valley PA, and Endicott, NY) Over the years I've read a few "scare" stories of Sprint users getting booted due to excessive data usage. My question is: At what point should I worry? In 2013, is there now a revised "safe zone" of data usage that doesn't raise any red flags? For some reason, I remember 5Gb being the magic number, but now that I've been using LTE, it seems I'm going to suck that up very quickly. I know that Sprint has no qualms eliminating customers that use unauthorized tethering, but if I'm following all of the rules using my Sprint device over LTE, how high can I realistically go before Sprint starts to care? 10 gig? 15 gig? Do they even care as long as their users aren't using unauthorized tethering workarounds? Also, if I do hit an extremely high amount of (legal) usage, do they send out a warning first, or immediately cancel service? I've got a good thing going with my plan right now, and I don't want to be seen as an abuser of it. Since I'm kind of late to the LTE party having an iPhone 4S for so long, I'm not sure what's seen as excessive anymore. Thanks for any input you guys can give! -Alex
  4. Via TUAW's article on Apple's relationship (or lack thereof) with China Mobile: We'll know for sure in 26 days, but it's fun to think about the iPhone 5S/5C being true global smartphones, capable of running on multiple bands -- and especially fun to think about the possibility of a tri-band device for us to play with on the new Sprint Network.
  5. BGR is either really full of it, or on to something, citing a user on Weibo: iPhone 5S: New leaked photos, purported full specs point to biggest ‘S’ upgrade ever I can't wait to upgrade my 4S, if anything, for the better battery. After 18 months, I can barely keep a charge past noon.
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