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  1. Interesting. Learn something new every day I guess. Back when they first started showing up, I'd run speed tests, and they were (obviously anecdotally) higher than I expected, so I never looked into it any further. Thanks for the explanation.
  2. Oh? Seemed like it would, given that it showed up exactly as it would with 2x CA. Given that I looked at the FAQ and help section and didn't see what it would mean, what exactly does it mean then?
  3. Not like I ran a speed test or anything, but I saw 3x band 41 in Signalcheck while I was driving around seeing if my signal would drop. Strange that you could see it, but not take advantage.
  4. I've been having the LTE dropping issue extensively since day one with my Pixel XL. Happens when fast moving (car), slow moving (run), and still at my house. I can consistently get it to happen just walking from the front of my house to my back alley (seems to switch towers). Switching to 3G COMPLETELY alleviates the problem. Not a single drop anywhere. Spoke with Google, who was useless (told me to get a new SIM, check some settings, talk to Sprint.) I did these, emailed them back, and they told me to talk to Sprint again. Sprint has tried, but been less than helpful thus far. S
  5. RF strength wise, handoffs between towers, ?
  6. Fair enough. I thought perhaps he was alluding to some type of technical reason that I am/was not aware of.
  7. Exactly why do you think that it's "Too many bands for a single device to have."?
  8. Very strange about the forced update. I got it too, and my phone didn't want to reconnect to cellular at all without an Airplane Mode toggle. That said, I've noticed no difference since.
  9. I don't *believe* I changed mine, I haven't since the update anyway. The settings I currently have are B25 1, B26 2, and B41 3 (in view), and all three are at 1 if I go into Edit.
  10. Eh? Yesterday in the Twin Cities: Edit: This is after switching back from .15 to .13. It now picks up 41 just down the road from my place, and while I haven't ventured too far out of my normal routine, in the week time since 4.4.3 dropped til now has been a world of difference. I've only dropped from LTE a couple of times in the past day or so back on .13. Must have made a few changes network side.
  11. Will give it a try. I almost never do this typically, but did back when 4.4.3 came out. That said, I'll be overjoyed if that turns out to be it. Edit: Sent one, waiting to hear back. Could it be that I didn't/forgot to do a profile update after flashing a new radio? That doesn't seem right, but maybe I'm just misinformed? Edit2: Profile update seems to have done the trick. Went through to a guy that it wouldn't yesterday.
  12. So, I've had a lot of problems as of late sending MMS. One guy on T-Mob doesn't get them, and now another on AT&T. Sent to my wife on Verizon, and it seemed to have gone through without an issue. I know people have had this issue before, and it's been a variety of things, but is there a prevailing issue now? Is it Hangouts, Sprint, ???
  13. This would totally make sense if you you completely forget that Sprint has multiple tri band devices on the market that aren't exhibiting the same issues. I'll be interested to see how you band 41 disablers do. It's frustrating to think that we finally get the update, only to have to remove perhaps the juicier half of what it enabled.
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