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  1. Sprint seems to be ignoring smaller markets... I keep seeing tweets about how great the network is, and the awesome speeds... but I don't get nearly that kind of speed on my LG G5 in middle Georgia.
  2. Data speeds are very, very slow over the last few months. Understandably, we're not going to get the love in this area anytime soon, but it is annoying.
  3. Definitely something up, at least with KitKat on the G2... no LTE sitting in the parking lot at the Houston County Annex this morning, looking at the Carl Vinson tower. If I toggled airplane mode, I get LTE for a few minutes, then it drops back to 3G. The same has happened all day - toggle airplane mode, get LTE for a few minutes, then drops back to 3G. Restarting the phone didn't help. Updating the PRL didn't help. Somewhat annoying, but I guess it's eCSFB related.
  4. I noticed today no LTE, at all, on the ride to work, at work and at home. Should have been on the Carl Vinson tower, the Feagin Mill School tower and at least the Hwy 127 tower... on the ride home, I kept my LG G2 out and watched as I rode down Lake Joy Road. Even at Feagin Mill and Lake Joy, while I sat at the light, no LTE. Just 3G. Has Sprint got trouble around Warner Robins, so they turned off 4G to get a handle on it?
  5. kn4ds

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Shows both bands enabled on mine.
  6. kn4ds

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Impatience got the better of me, so I sideloaded this afternoon. I booted to recovery, then used ADB sideload When it completed, I went to reboot system, and that caused a boot loop. I found the message on XDA, and followed the suggestion there: I got back to recovery, and did the ADB sideload. When the phone restarted and came back to recovery, instead of rebooting, I did the ADB sideload again. This time, the phone also restarted and came back to recovery. I did not reboot here, either, but did ADB sideload a third time... and it took a bit over 30 minutes. After this time, I got the message that install from ADB was completed, and I did reboot the system. It came up in ZVC.... and has been working fine since. If I had it to do all over again, I'd wait for the OTA. I ended up spending a couple of hours on sideloading.
  7. kn4ds

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    No need... ADB Sideload works, but you have to do it 3 times... Do the sideload once... then instead of rebooting the system when it boots back to recovery, do the sideload again. Again, when it reboots to recovery, do the sideload a third time.... THEN it will do all the patching, etc, and when that's all done, it'll say install from ADB complete. NOW reboot the system and it boots up to KitKat.
  8. Moments ago, new text from Sprint: "Over the next month, the new network will be largely completed in your area. " Along with a link to shop for phones... I'd thought they were pretty much done with middle Georgia a while back - I haven't run Sensorly in a while, but there's quite a bit of purple around the midstate.
  9. Hadn't paid attention much lately - but this morning, I got a sniff of 4G at home off Lake Joy Road. Turned off the Airave, and sure enough... 4G.
  10. PhyID: Not available Cell Id: (blank) TAC: (blank) That's what Sensorly is showing right now... could run CDMA Field Test or something, I suppose, but it doesn't much matter - looking forward to getting things filled in a bit, and on out to the south from here (though 4G doesn't much matter at home with WiFi)
  11. Still no ID showing in Sensorly, but I drove over to Carl Vinson, and signals lead me to believe it may well be that site that's on.
  12. Sensorly isn't getting any cell ID, but 4G is working this morning in western parts of Warner Robins. Speedtest.net just now, 7546kbps down, 2071kbps up, with -115 dbm shown as the signal strength (no "bars") Sensorly speed test shows 4.54 down, 4.14 up. I don't think it's the Carl Vinson site, though - I have line of sight, literally, to the antennas on that tower.
  13. I had occasion to run around Milledgeville a bit today... so had Sensorly actively mapping. Filled in a little bit, but didn't have time nor inclination to just ride around.
  14. I know the map's long on fiction... my point is that the current rev DOES ignore the LTE that's been on in Houston and Peach. On Labor Day, the site at Bonaire Middle was off... Moody/Feagin Mill may have been, too, as I had no LTE at all along Highway 96. Today, I'm roaming, even outdoors, between Osigian and Smithville Church Rd, JUST west of Houston Lake Rd.
  15. Based on Sprint's new coverage map update, looks like west of 247 isn't in the more immediate plans (even bearing in mind the overly optimistic coverage prediction).
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