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  1. Anyone get LTE in the Ballantyne area? I frequent that area and I never get LTE. Yesterday I when to Indian Land, SC to fill up with some cheap gas ( ) and got LTE there, which was only 1 mile away.
  2. Do any of you with faster speeds have data caps? I'm worried TWC and Comcast merger will introduce data caps in our area.
  3. I was looking at the coverage map for CLT on Sprint's website and it says the whole city has LTE. Also the sensorly maps show that, but I'm not sure why my phone connects to 3G more than haft the time even though I am outside.
  4. Any new sites in the CLT market? I haven't see anything new for 6+ months.
  5. VoLTE is AMR-WB (AMR wide-band). Why is Sprint not doing VoLTE? Circuit switching is old technology.
  6. Update: I'm seeing lower ping times now at some 3G sites around town. Also slightly better speeds. I'll keep testing to confirm.
  7. So Verizon plans to turn off 3G by 2021. When is Sprint going to turn off their 3G? Personally I think 2021 is too late. Verizon can turn it off in 2016 or a little later. They have good LTE coverage and their LTE will cover all of the 3G areas pretty soon. The only reason to do it that late is to give people enough time to switch their devices to new LTE capable devices. There are also the cellular units for security systems. Those can also be switched out in a couple years. What else is 3G used for? Once 3G is shutdown, that spectrum can be used for LTE, so that would allow for more bandwidth.
  8. Ping times on 3G are still very high and speeds are low. What were those 107 updates specifically?
  9. I'm getting LTE now. I was just at Sardis/Independence at the new Discount Tire store and I was getting full bars with LTE. I got 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up. Also I'm getting LTE at work so it seems they turned on a tower close to my work which is good news. Try to wait it out a few days and maybe restart your phone every now and then.
  10. Got LTE back. Hopefully it wasn't an issue with my phone. It seems there have been no new sites with LTE since December. What's the deal? At first it seemed like Charlotte would be 100% LTE by the end of 2014, but now it is more like 2015.
  11. I travel all over south Charlotte and a little bit of east Charlotte and I don't get LTE anywhere. I was at Chipotle off 51 in Pineville and only picked up 3G. I go there a lot and had LTE for the past few months.
  12. It's getting worse. I'm not getting LTE in any of the usual places I visit. Is it my phone or others are having this problem as well? Why are LTE sites going down?
  13. After the official announcement some of the LTE sites have gone offline it seems. I could get LTE on I-485 from Pineville up to Mint-Hill. Also Independence Blvd from Margaret Wallace to Sardis Rd, the LTE signal is gone.
  14. I've got the same problem. I'm in a deadzone here in Charlotte and if you go quarter of a mile in any direction you will get LTE. Looking at the coverage map on Sprint's website my area has WIMAX and 3G.
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