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  1. Cloud121

    HTC U 12+

    Was hyped as hell for this, as a huge loyal HTC fanboy, but the lack of Sprint support (let alone complete US network support), is a kick to the nuts, as this literally the phone I have ALWAYS dreamed of. The perfect phone. With my M9 now three years old, I guess I'm going for a U11 instead. Though the Moto z2 Force is damn tempting....
  2. I'm curious if my HTC M9 will work with T-Mobile roaming, despite being three years old (2015). If not, no big deal, as picking up the U12 this year so I can take advantage of it then, but in the meantime, would be nice to know.
  3. Been a very long time since posted, and nice to finally see Band 41 getting deployed here in Des Moines. Anything going on in Johnston/Urbandale? I work in Johnston (live in Urbandale) across from Camp Dodge, and even with the tower not even half a mile east of my work, I have been on a lot of 3G lately. Updated my PRL several times, and ran ##78726# several times as well. HTC M8 Harman Kardon Edition is my primary device. Does the M8 have spotty RF signal life the LTE and the M7? I used my Aquos for a few days after buying it on launch day and got amazing reception. Perhaps I should reactivate it and try it again.
  4. The Sprint tower near Wynnsong is across the Interstate next to the Urbandale Little League fields. That monopole tower behind the clinic next to Wynnsong is not a Sprint tower.
  5. Cloud121

    HTC ONE user thread

    I finally be getting the phone tomorrow, and now I want to find a couple docks. Specifically a portrait dock similar to the Galaxy model: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Multimedia-Desktop-Charging/dp/B0089VO71U/ref=dp_ob_title_def And most importantly of all, a landscape dock: http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/24/galaxy-nexus-landscape-dock-comes-to-the-us/ Not seeing anything official, but I suppose I could take an aftermarket dock. Any ideas?
  6. I went and scouted a few towers today. The one just north of Douglas on 114th I couldn't get to as it's inside a large fenced off semi truck lot. Looked at the one just south of Hickman on 157th as well (inside the little league park), and it surrounded by a wooden fence, so couldn't see anything. The tower at 86th and Aurora by the Urbandale Golf and Country Club is just a long pole. Nothing attached to it. But going by the map, Sensorly, and the number of bars on my Photon Q, it's definitely a working Sprint tower. Same with the tower in Ankeny (The "Non-Corporate Tower" as I call it, as the only other Sprint tower in Ankeny is behind the corporat store). I finally checked out the tower at Merle Hay Mall. Two towers just next to the water tower. I want to say the left one is the Sprint one? Also got a picture of the equipment on the bottom of the left tower: Unfortunately, my Photon Q crapped out before I could get any more pictures. Yeah, I know you really can't see anything. Still learning about GMOs, RRUs, and all that, and don't really know what I am supposed to be looking for, but still wanted to contribute. Anyone see anything noteworthy?
  7. Been meaning to ask this for awhile, but this part of the GMO article: Samsung is in charge of Iowa. Am I getting my hopes up too high for the possibilty of LTE (even if limited, as it wouldn't be as good as a full NV build)? I would just be thrilled with 1.0+ Mb 3G at this point, but that bit of information has me excited.
  8. Indeed. Just login and you're good to go. To to the Play store, swipe over a screen or two, and there they are. You have to manually install each of them again, but they are there in order you initially downloaded them. Also, grab "My Backup Pro". Best $5 you will ever spend on the store. It will backup EVERYTHING (texts, contacts, phone history, etc.). I used it when I went from my Epic to my EOV LTE, and once again when going to my Photon Q. Amazing app, and can't recommend it enough.
  9. Any idea when it might be available for pre-order from Amazon?
  10. It's $130 at Newegg, but the store layout is very similar to WireFly. Would this be a similar deal with a secondary contract? Didn't even know Newegg did cell phones until now.
  11. Meaning what? Never gone through Wirefly before. How long is the shipping? I've always used Amazon before so I'm still waiting on them to offer a pre-order.
  12. You were right. That's all it was. I put $70 down, and was the first person to pre-order. All I know is I will be there when the doors open on the 19th.
  13. Just called my buddy at my local corporate Sprint store, and he told me $50 down. Awesome!
  14. Sounds good, how much I gotta put down?
  15. Are we able to pre-order in store on Friday?
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