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  1. Thinking about picking one of these up to replace my G2. Are the issues straightened out yet?
  2. Its definitely a google voice problem somehow. I disabled gvoice at voice.google.com and i can make calls now. Not sure why its working for some but not for others.
  3. I do use Gvoice as well as my Mom and my wife. Theirs are both working though.
  4. Anyone not able to make phone calls this morning? 2 of us are getting "cannot complete your call, try again".
  5. Just got this device as an upgrade from the Optimus G that I bought from Robert. I feel the LTE reception is on par with the N5 from the 1-2 days of use that I have had. I love this phone. I have always been the type to get a phone that no one else has. My only qualm is the lack of quality accessories.
  6. I've taken Robert up on his Optimus G offer. Thanks everyone for your generosity.
  7. At this point id take anything that can make and receive calls and texts
  8. Anyone got an old phone I can borrow? My N5 just went swimming....
  9. Are you still on .15? That could be the reason you get better service.
  10. That's probably because the NV site is basically across the street from that store and the B41 site is on the other side of the "bluff".
  11. Also, no offense, but premier sponsors are not allowed to post B26 sightings publicly...Not saying i agree with this restriction but just giving you a heads up.
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