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  6. The key to a better network is a triband capable device..band 41 is extra goods with wifi speeds outdoors.. I had a ti band device for a month and still have my dual band evo lte and the difference is crazy... I was using my evo again last week and i felt like i was on a different network all together...Lte was painfully slow and kept bumping down to 3g...Went back to band 41 and boom in the same spot i had no issues...Hell the radio on my m8 even out performed my evo on band 25 by about 5 to 10mbs in the same spot.... So i argue that the key to a great network is a new device accessing all three bands...If i only had my evo i would be still screaming this buildout is so slow and not great....but with triband its the best....even on band 25.....
  7. Work on 23rd street & 9th ave live on 119th and 1st East harlem. Brother lives in central harlem on t mobile...I have noticed band 41 in tribeca near canal/ bmcc area, 23rd street and most of east and central harlem... Last week on my m8 (first week of having phone) i was consistantly picking up band 25 & 26 and never got 41 but since tuesday of this week bam 41 everywhere even holding -120 db with 15mbs down...triband is working like a charm
  8. Something huge just seemed to happen overnight. This time last week i was complaining i couldnt get band 41. Now im getting all three bands with no issues and handoffs are seemless! I can make calls in places i couldnt before and hold on to lte longer with a stronger signal...Gotta say im loving this m8 and finally sprint is out performing other carriers....My bro is complaining how tmoble is slowing down and he is getting way more dropped calls than i ever do in manhattan....Good to see sprint deliver.
  9. Im with you had the m8 for a week in manhattan and i get 25 and 26 no problem but only saw 41 twice. Yesterday a -115 band 41 signal on city island still pulled about 10mbs down and three days ago on debrossis street in tribeca -104 signal pulled 20mbs. In both cases when i lost signal i would drop down to 1x because 25 and 26 wasnt avail. UGH i Need 41!!!!
  10. After spending a week in st paul MN boy am i happy to be back in NY where i can get a signal and some 4g! geez though my phone was gonna explode from being so hott searching for signals indoors and batter drain was crazy! 4g was strong in mall of america but still felt behind....Had to turn of lte because i kept picking up weak lte. I cant wait for the next one to be announced im holding out for that...Keeping my evo for now
  11. "@BlexUpNext: Happy Bday #Shoutout to the bro @TonyStylesNYC of @marsmusicnyc!!! Celebrate like a king bruh!

  12. Nope prob wont be up for another few weeks. Some are live in Mass. and penn. and even 1 or 2 sites in Jersey but we wont see anything close to what chicago has atleast for another few weeks...Then slowly one at a time the way new sites are poping up! Come on sprint flip that switch!
  13. Ugh in your case its prob best to wait, if no other carrier offers better service then just call every single month and get them to give you that 25 dollar credit or whatever the credit is worth nowadayz. I cant imagine it. My wife works down there and its super annoying calling her and her phone disconnects and fades in and out. She wants unlimited data so she is trying hard to tuff it out but its rough. Verizon works better in her specific area but for you, if there is no better option like tmobile prepaid, then you may be better off just waiting. Or look into AT&T but thats just yet another contract with issues. At least u know sprint is working hard on upgrades nationwide so the chance of sprint fixing the problem as soon as they can is probably greater than the other companies in the area.
  14. Yeah i hear you man...I would say go with Tmobile if you can get out of your contract and do month to month atleast until sprint finishes the network upgrades and repairs in your area...I mean people spend most of their time at work anyway so I cant imagine not having service 8 - 10 hours a day...So I would say go get data capped at tmobile (no more contracts) and jump ship when sprint gets that area under control.
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