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  1. This page provides lots of info about the status of your phone for free: https://imeidata.net/check This one is for iPhone unlock check: https://imeidata.net/iphone/unlock-check
  2. I am VERY pleased to report that the international unlock (the request through Sprint went very smoothly) successfully fully unlocked our 4S. In fact, that phone was already on AT&T using one of those sim interface chips that can be found around the net; we just inserted the AT&T sim directly, waited until the phone said "Activation required," entered the iCloud password and that was it! It was a big relief since we thought that we will never see that phone unlocked.
  3. Thanks for the details. We don't plan to use that 4S on Sprint again, so I wouldn't be a problem. Good to know though.
  4. How do you like OS8 on your 4S? Does it slow the phone down? We still have a 4S on OS7 and it is already somewhat slow. Also, can you PM the link to website you got the report? Thanks
  5. This doesn't seem to be already posted, I apologize if it is. Apparently Sprint is matching AT&T and Verizon plan offerings for 50% the cost. This is only applicable to current AT&T and Verizon customers that bring their current bill to Sprint. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2014-12-02/sprint-targets-at-and-t-verizon-with-half-price-promotion
  6. Long story short, my friend's iPhone 4s (out of contract) should be fully (domestic and internationally) unlockable according to Apple, but Sprint is choosing not to fully unlock it. We wish that Sprint will start implementing the new policy they agreed to soon. In the meantime, we are looking for a third party service to do the unlock without jailbreaking or sim modifications. Any suggestions?
  7. My voice quality at home yesterday was so horrible that I had to use Skype for some calls I had to make.
  8. For myself, is usable (email and some web browsing one the phone). It so happens that I am tethering today; at Casa Adobes I am getting anywhere from 150 to 700kbs.
  9. Similar problems (not as bad, mostly dropped calls and bad quality) at 85704. Sprint support said that they are doing tower work and it is supposed to be fixed by now.
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