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  1. What about STX....do we have band 13 in the VI?
  2. 4.3 on the one shows ur data signal instead of the voice signal, so if ur bars are lower than before the update that's why, but when ur on a call it's gonna show ur voice signal
  3. I could, but idk how to upload pics from my phone
  4. Stx does have 4g, but only in certain spots, I vex they wait until the week after leave to turn it on
  5. At least you could drive couple minutes and get it, the VI and the other hand gotta jump on a plane.
  6. Oh ok....yea I know where Jonesboro is, my brother girlfriend use to stay over there
  7. That's crazy, but whatever I'm moving to Georgia in couple weeks
  8. I'll take that, at least it's some type of news