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  1. Oh yeah. I read about that before. I'm afraid its too late for me. Nexus 4 is about to be released and an unlocked GSM phone sounds good to me right now. The 4G LTE mumbo jumbo doesn't mean anything to me and T-Mobile is pumping 31Mb at my house vs the screenshot I posted earlier on Sprint.
  2. We never got WiMax... I had 2 phones which had it and paid premium data fees. Now I have GN with the fancy LTE and I'm still waiting. Any word on where NV is around my area? I see the running list thread says October for first sites but I haven't seen my phone connect to anything yet. My contract expires in 3 months and after 13 years with sprint its too little too late for me.
  3. Just found this post. I'm in Fraser just under Sterling Heights and the NV running list says October to have first LTE sites up. Anyone know of them working on any locations yet?
  4. Update: http://insidesprintnow.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/upcoming-lte-announcements-update/
  5. http://insidesprintnow.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/get-ready-upcoming-lte-launches-in-atlanta-dallas-houston-and-san-antonio-markets/ Just passing info.
  6. So what's the current back haul bandwidth now, before NV? I always thought it was too many clients on the tower caused slow downloads not bandwidth. Isn't cdma2000 32 clients Max? I've seen speeds as low as 50kbps with full bars. That would mean they have a T1?
  7. You know... you guys are funny here.
  8. Damn it. I just tried and it didn't work. Will have to wait for LTE.
  9. That's what I was asking about. So I guess E4GLTE is the only phone so far capable of voice and 3g data. But somehow I read here http://insidesprintnow.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/svd-simultaneous-voice-data-on-lte-phones/ that all Sprint LTE phones are capable.
  10. I assume the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint is also capable?
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