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  1. I just uploaded 2 more sites as In Progress in the Mississippi market over in the NV Sites Complete maps. One is outside Hattiesburg, the other is on US 49, about 20 miles SE of the Jackson area. These sites are actually accepted as complete with 3G Network Vision upgrades and will appear in next week's update. Two other sites went live with 3G upgrades last week along I-20, east of Meridian inside Alabama. Robert
  2. We have started a new thread for KAW-DAW. The previous thread is over 7,000 entries and has been closed. It ran for three years! If you've never played Keep a Word, Drop a Word before, it is really simple. See below... Example Post 1: customer satisfaction Example Post 2: tough customer Example Post 3: tough break Example Post 4: break wind Comprendo? See, it is really simple. For each new post just keep a word from the previous post and drop the other and replace with a new one. Please KEEP your posts to JUST 2 WORDS, but if you are stuck and must to, you can include a "helper" word, like: a, the, an, etc. BUT the next post CANNOT use that "helper" word as the one they keep for the next post. You can however use the same "keep" word as the previous poster if you want to. Otherwise just have fun with it and let's see where it goes? If things get stalled out just start a new line of thought by making a new 2 word saying. I will kick off the game below...
  3. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Meditation Station
  4. I went to the Sprint Call Center today in the Albuquerque suburb of Rio Rancho. I thought I may be able to sniff out some LTE there like the one near Denver. Sadly, I did not encounter any LTE. I even went inside. But I did discover eHRPD. At first, I thought the eHRPD was just at the Call Center. But it appears to be throughout the ABQ metro area. I drove all over Rio Rancho and the ABQ west side changing sites more than 10 times, and I'm still on eHRPD. Looks like we are eHRPD live now. I took several screen shots. Performance is identical to EVDO-A when connected to the same sites. As expected, the site where I get 2Mbps+ site speeds (at Unser and Paradise on the west side) is still just as fast on eHRPD. But I always get those speeds there. Robert on Samsung Galaxy S-III via Tapatalk

    It's possible that Tapatalk problems are from one specific feature or page you do not use.

    IP Board is putting S4GRU in the queue to have the site upgraded to its newest version. We currently operate in the 3 series. We will be upgrading to the 4 series. We likely will not have much notice when this happens. If I am given a timeframe, I will post it. But we are currently in an upgrade queue. Once IP Board techs begin the actual migration and upgrade process, S4GRU will be temporarily offline. This will take several hours. When it goes back online, it will likely look very, very different. Not necessarily in a good way. The upgrade will remove most of the S4GRU custom formatting, if not all of it. Also, some of the functionality, like Tapatalk, may not work at all initially. Side banners, tabs, navigation...I mean nearly everything may be screwy, not working right, in a new location or completely missing. Once it's back online, I will spend most of the effort of time on usability and content access. Making sure all the critical parts of the site are functional. Then I will start working on formatting. Working on colors, logos, etc. The content will all be there. Don't need to worry about Wall posts, forum posts or messages being destroyed. But you may not be able to get to it the way you're used to. And it may look very generic initially. The new upgrades will allow more customization and keep us current with all security and spam features. Our old version was no longer supported. I apologize in advance for any inconveniences. I may solicit some help too, if required. As I am very busy at work right now. I wish we had more information on the impacts, but every site takes them differently. We will be surprised and adjust as required. Blessed are the flexible! Robert
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    Keep Calm Not for a second...
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    Lock Out
  9. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Love Lock
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    Shake Shack
  11. It's not accurate everywhere. It's says now that nearly every site in Nebraska has B41 live on it. Even in rural GMO and microwave sites. And it's not true.

    Cloudfront is part of the IP Board hosted solution. Cannot divorce from that.

    I have a new update cache of info to give Tapatalk about the blocks. Hopefully this info will help them find a solution. Stay tuned. Robert
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    Boat Launch
  15. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Although it's been years, I once returned an AT&T device to a store that then went lost and they claimed that I never turned it in. They they tried to charge me. It was a nightmare beyond all reason. If they say you need to return it via RMA, do it that way. Even if you get a store to accept it, if it goes missing somehow, it will be a nightmare to get it worked out. I all but guarantee it.
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    Stand Mixer
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    Widows Peak
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    Nags Head
  19. I have the same issue on Tmo VoLTE. They sent me a Cellspot. Sprint customers will need a VoLTE capable Airave or Magic Box for these types of situations if WiFi Calling is not a good option for them. But that won't help you in a client's home in most situations. I believe Sprint will optimize B26 for better coverage in VoLTE circumstances.
  20. I think they'll keep C+. Because those devices won't necessarily support Sprint VoLTE. They won't keep it forever though
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    Chicken Flowchart
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    Venn Diagram
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    Cartoon Network
  24. I know of no reliable way to handoff from eHRPD or 1x to VoLTE. Sprint has played with VoIP solutions to make it work. However, I haven't seen hide nor hair regarding any VoIP/VoLTE solution coming. I think Sprint is going to make a pure VoLTE play here. And furthermore (this is just a guess), I believe that Sprint will deploy VoLTE in a similar way to AT&T. Market by market. Where markets can offer a decent VoLTE experience with the appropriate signal density, they will take it live. It will likely be a roll out of 1.5-2 years to go systemwide. It took AT&T forever. Robert