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  1. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I don't like T-Mobint. How about T-Sproble?
  2. Thanks for your entry! I noticed that too, that's why I credited Phone Arena on the bottom of the pic...or maybe I should say blamed Phone Arena. Robert
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  4. Now some appeared in Rapid City. It aligns right up with AT&T towers there. It's unfortunate AT&T roaming is polluting the Sprint Sensorly map. Robert
  5. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    For me...I believe unlimited and prices are the most at risk for a merger. They will likely make promises to regulators not to scrap unlimited or raise price for one year. They won't offer it initially when presenting for approval. But it will be one of the things they offer early to help anti-trust issues. And if they get desperate, they'll offer more than a year. I don't think prices will double overnight, or anything. But Tmo cancelled unlimited before. And it was only Sprint who held firm. Not that Sprint is some holy protector of unlimited. They did it only to differentiate and try to compete. In a Triopoly world, if the new Tmo drops unlimited again, AT&T and VZW would follow suit quickly. They can't wait to go back. It will only be a mere Legere business decision to end unlimited in the USA. Maybe forever. I personally don't use much data anymore. It's not a big deal to me, all things considered. I like unlimited data because I hate constantly keeping track, and having to constantly meter my behavior over a remaining period. I hate that.
  6. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I don't recall anyone saying they expect pricing to further reduce in either scenario...Sprint going alone nor a merger with Tmo.
  7. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Munitions Workers
  8. We have started a new thread for KAW-DAW. The previous thread is over 7,000 entries and has been closed. It ran for three years! If you've never played Keep a Word, Drop a Word before, it is really simple. See below... Example Post 1: customer satisfaction Example Post 2: tough customer Example Post 3: tough break Example Post 4: break wind Comprendo? See, it is really simple. For each new post just keep a word from the previous post and drop the other and replace with a new one. Please KEEP your posts to JUST 2 WORDS, but if you are stuck and must to, you can include a "helper" word, like: a, the, an, etc. BUT the next post CANNOT use that "helper" word as the one they keep for the next post. You can however use the same "keep" word as the previous poster if you want to. Otherwise just have fun with it and let's see where it goes? If things get stalled out just start a new line of thought by making a new 2 word saying. I will kick off the game below...
  9. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    There are positives to be had if there is a merger, for sure. I don't believe a merger is bad in every way. And if it happens, there will be things that I will like. I just believe, at this time, all things considered, I'd prefer they'd be separate. Just my opinion, and I respect the opinions of others points as well. Because I considered them, and they are marked in the 'pro' column for me. I like where Sprint is going now more than ever in its past. And Sprint's road to "5G" is less capital intensive than the others because of spectrum and equipment deployed.
  10. I see the purple on the Minuteman Site. I've been to it many sites. Very friendly horse next to it. It's a well established AT&T Guyed Wire Site. It's possible this might be AT&T LTE Roaming pollution on Sensorly. Especially given the strength of the report. I was expecting the Sprint site in this area to be in the town site of Wall itself. I guess it's possible Sprint chose this site instead. If I still lived in the area, I'd go check it out. But alas..

    IP Board is putting S4GRU in the queue to have the site upgraded to its newest version. We currently operate in the 3 series. We will be upgrading to the 4 series. We likely will not have much notice when this happens. If I am given a timeframe, I will post it. But we are currently in an upgrade queue. Once IP Board techs begin the actual migration and upgrade process, S4GRU will be temporarily offline. This will take several hours. When it goes back online, it will likely look very, very different. Not necessarily in a good way. The upgrade will remove most of the S4GRU custom formatting, if not all of it. Also, some of the functionality, like Tapatalk, may not work at all initially. Side banners, tabs, navigation...I mean nearly everything may be screwy, not working right, in a new location or completely missing. Once it's back online, I will spend most of the effort of time on usability and content access. Making sure all the critical parts of the site are functional. Then I will start working on formatting. Working on colors, logos, etc. The content will all be there. Don't need to worry about Wall posts, forum posts or messages being destroyed. But you may not be able to get to it the way you're used to. And it may look very generic initially. The new upgrades will allow more customization and keep us current with all security and spam features. Our old version was no longer supported. I apologize in advance for any inconveniences. I may solicit some help too, if required. As I am very busy at work right now. I wish we had more information on the impacts, but every site takes them differently. We will be surprised and adjust as required. Blessed are the flexible! Robert
  12. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    This is a very shortsighted comment. As if Sprint had the ability to print money. Or they had some large windfall and mis-spent it. It is Tmo that had the windfall, like when AT&T had to pay them off after they pulled out of the buyout. Sprint only had tons of debt.
  13. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    This isn't an issue of need. Sprint needs someone less now today than at any point in the past 5 years. And Tmo doesn't need anyone. It's a business decision. It's believed it is the best return for share holders, if they can agree on a deal. That is far different than need. But money does make the world go round.
  14. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    An Interesting byproduct of this kind of news... I was on the cusp to move back to Sprint now since they are starting to deploy 800MHz in Washington State. But now I will just stay on Tmo and wait and see. Because if the merger does go through, I expect the network to go LTE Only or WCDMA/LTE. Sprint CDMA being phased out relatively quickly. No sense (and cents) in buying all new devices and jumping back to Sprint. I will just ride it out and stay on the VoLTE ecosystem that will likely be the survivor. I would like to see Sprint stay independent though. I just don't expect it to happen.
  15. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Oh gosh, not this again. I am more against this than I was before. Tmo and Sprint are getting more competitive and gaining market share against the Duopoly. Verizon is on their feet, having to actually compete. The wireless market has never been better for the American consumer. I'm willing to sit back and see what comes of this, as twospirits recommends, but I think the status quo is right where we need to be nationally with wireless. The path forward looks good for Tmo and Sprint. Prices will go up if they are allowed to merge. They are trying to do it now. It is the 4th competitor, the odd duck out, that pressures the market. Three roughly equal sized competitors just won't pressure much. Mark my words!
  16. I accept that you were thinking out loud. And actually assumed as much. I also think it is a fair question. Especially considering how free tablet adds have been tabulated in the past. As far as the granularity, I do not recall. I just remember specifically discussions about tablets padding adds in the past, but never having any discussions about Airaves padding adds as we discuss new subscribers.
  17. I do not recall ever seeing Sprint count Airaves in new customer counts/new line additions. So I would not expect them to use Magic Boxes to 'pad numbers' either. They have counted new lines with free tablet giveaways, but they actually add a new line of service that is not free forever. Just for a promotional time. And this is something that all carriers do. Whether for free phones or free tablets that provide service. But I think we all see a distinctive difference between phones/tablets and Airaves/Magic Boxes, regardless if a phone number is assigned to the device.
  18. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    It will be interesting if Verizon answers the last two questions. And what its answer would be.
  19. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    And yet Verizon allowed these people to become customers. They showed the coverage. They allowed the customers to join. Even though Verizon really is being asshats to rural customers and is giving rural Mainiacs the big middle finger here, I do respect that they have the right to do this. But I kind of like them getting the black eye publicly for this. They created the issue and they are showing their true colors. They really have no interest in rural customers. They just want a cheap place for their urban customers to roam when travelling. And now rural customers can make their buying decisions accordingly. USCC is a better fit for them anyway. But Verizon deserves to take this on the chin publicly. They could have stopped these customers from joining to begin with. They didn't. They were hoping they wouldn't use the network much. And now they want to put the toothpaste back in the tube. It's a one way street with Big Red. The house always wins. In every single county. Every day.
  20. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    The one Seattle Small Cell I've been to did not have the Cascade ID present. Fortunately I knew it from other sources.

    I did change the color scheme. It was far worse. It was completely white, except the top border. Now everything is shades of teal or gray, except text boxes which are off white. People's comments with the new colors has been positive so far. Do others think we need to darken them further?
  22. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Golf Tweet
  23. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I used to have an irregardless problem. But I never did unthaw my meat, though.