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  1. So it cost a little more than a soda...so much for America's third largest cellular network provider....if it keeps up like this they have my money.
  2. This is completely unrelated (kind of) but as my UVC brothers (and sister ) I thought it would be best to fill everyone in. Sprint stocks are $7 a share. I was surprised upon seeing this. Softbank stock is a little over 6,000 JPY (~$60). Maybe this would be a great time to invest in Sprint.
  3. Really psyched for what's to come in the following weeks. I've seen good Sprint service (which wasn't even at its best) and it was fantastic. What pisses me off a little is the fact that I had my Note 2 for a year and in that time it seemed to have been rendered obsolete and by the time LTE comes out the Note 3 enters -__-. If Sprint wants to be the bigger carrier and offer a free ETA to upgrade to that I will be with them for at least a decade ;D To actually contribute to this forum East Davis seems to be getting full bars in the morning (from at least my house) usually when I eat breakfast in my balcony. At around 12 (peak hours?) it seems to return to the normal one bar. I did roam a little bit during the day (this usually doesn't happen) which got me pretty excited.
  4. Okland and Salina's LTE is pretty good if not a tad bit inconsistent. Was able to stream crunchyroll and youtube pretty well in the good areas, but other times it got a little shitty.
  5. Sudden slow speeds are always a good sign my house always roamed at the night time (usually after 10) but now it roams during the day. It means they're taking down whatever form of signal is there and separate it with new NV ones. Brace yourselves for good service to come
  6. In the big sur area. Not sure if I'm still in the UCV region but its definitely the best speed I've ever gotten whatever doubts I had with Sprint are gone. Unlimited of this and you can't be asking for much more
  7. Alrite! Hopefully in August some improvements will be made. I'll forgive Sprint for almost killing me this one time, I'll see if I can go back and have the DWR be a little more friendly this time around..this is Sprint's last straw! Let's hope it doesn't fail us
  8. Sprint told me that the area is scheduled to get an upgrade within the next three months. Now due to the fact that they had to balls to lie to everyone this statement should be taken with a grain of salt. However with the new Softbank plan 2014 looks to be bright. I'm just not sure if by then it'll be too late for us....
  9. Oh OK good I've read this article and was feeling kind of down: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57595175-94/why-sprint-is-taking-its-sweet-time-with-4g-lte/ Sprint crossed a line with me when I couldn't get call reception in a no man's land in woodland (I thought service was good there > ) and I had to stay in the hot weather with no water, until I made I walked I was able to send a text to my mom. I almost had to go to the ER but lilotimz you're giving me just enough hope not to quite (yet ) and Jay I can't thank you enough for your help also. Hope by September I can see something
  10. Thought this was kind of funny xD. Albeit I'm kinda excited this time around. Near night the service dies but at the day time it feels as if it can be pretty decent around my house in Eastern Davis. Hope it's worth the (super long) wait!
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