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  1. I got the Kernal update to build number JZO54K.L710VPBMD4 and now it works to enter the ##33284# and asks for lockcode and 777468 works to get into the LTE Engineering dialog. Not sure what the problem was before, but it is working now. Thanks.
  2. I have Sensorly installed and have it running on trips to report. I'm not sure how I access the info in collects from my phone -- just how to see the maps they create. How do I get details that would be helpful to S4gru? I also have just installed Signal Check Light. Will that give me useful info? I'm not in an LTE area right now. Thanks for the help. Just got this S-3 phone, so nothing special on the ROM.
  3. Thank you for the post. I'm still having trouble getting the LTE Engineering Screen so show. I suspect I'm missing something obvious, or maybe I don't have some setting correct on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S-3 on Sprint and when I dial I can't directly enter letters, so I'm assuming you mean to use the number equivalents which comes out as ##33284# and then 777468. But when I enter that I get a message saying "feature code you entered is not valid, ... message 1 switch 352". Is there some other way to enter letters? Do I need to set up my phone is some way? I noticed an LTE symbol pop up on the top of my phone yesterday at the Cariboo by I35 exit 84 in Lakeville, MN, but I cant figure much more about that. Also I went to a tower just East of Mankato, MN yesterday and had no LTE signal, but it appears the crew just finished installing 3 new NV panels, RHHs and Hybrid fiber lines along with two new Samsung ground cabinets. The Sprint sign said MS03NP416.
  4. How much does the ERP in the 850 and 800 band matter: RF ERP/EIRP maximum: 25.39 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 850), 24.62 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 800), compared to the 23.25 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 1900) value? Does Sprint have service now in the 800 and 850 bands? Or is that yet to come as they replace the iDEN service and convert it? I take it that the 22.83 dBm (LTE 1900) is reasonably good? And I understand from the discussions these are TX maximums and real world may be different. Thanks for the numbers.
  5. Are the key ERPs for Sprint: 20.03 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 850), 24.46 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 1900), 20.25 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 800), 19.63 dBm (LTE 1900). What about the EDGE numbers? Isn't that also mainly for a GSM carrier? Is Sprint likely to ever support those functions, or are they just there as the device supports them? Would it be possible to unlock those functions, if you decided to switch carriers with the same phone? Thanks for all the useful info above.
  6. Maximum RF ERP/EIRP: 20.03 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 850), 24.46 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 1900), 20.25 dBm (CDMA1X/EV-DO 800), 28.35 dBm (GSM 850), 25.05 dBm (EDGE 850), 29.44 dBm (GSM 1900), 24.13 dBm (EDGE 1900), 21.41 dBm (W-CDMA 1900), 19.63 dBm (LTE 1900) Elsewhere I saw something to the effect that 23dBm was a threshold for good ERP. Does that differ with the type of signal? Is 19.63dBm for LTE 1900 weak? What about the strength of the various GSM signals? Does Sprint support any of them? Or are GSM signals only a factor if you are traveling out the USA and get a SIM to use the phone say in Europe or Canada or Mexico, or the Philippines?
  7. Drove by tower today just East of Waterville, MN on MN60 and noticed it has NV antennas. Don't know if it is working yet.
  8. Drove by tower at Ewing Ave S and Egan Drive in Burnsville, MN on Friday 1-4-2013 and noticed it now has fiber lines and NV antennas in place. Don't know if it is working yet.
  9. I've just noticed NV up installed on towers at Rice and Hwy36 (just west of I-35E), Douglas Ave N and Duluth St W in Golden Valley, and 49th Ave N and US169 in New Hope. Not sure if any are up, but noticed Sensorly shows signal around the tower in New Hope. These all just went in recently so likely to be in test mode for some time.
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