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  1. I thought I remember reading that it was closer to 30% or 40%
  2. I believe the Galaxy Nexus is a Wimax device on Sprint's network but could be mistaken. *edit* It was a different Nexus device I was thinking of.
  3. i'm getting LTE at my house and in my neighborhood near Carmel Mtn Ranch Country Club off Ted Williams. This is just north of the Scripps Ranch Pkwy where LTE has been spotted as well. I really wish I could map it to Sensorly though.
  4. Unfortunately I also have an iPhone 5 so I can not report on Sensorly. I did connect to LTE, very very briefly, off Carmel Mtn Rd exit from the I-15. I tried driving through again to see if I could reconnect, but no luck. But that very very brief moment filled my heart with joy and hope.
  5. That's where I live. Unfortunately I work in the Kearny Mesa area where 3g has somewhat improved over the past few days. Hopefully I'll see some LTE when I get back home
  6. Hello, 1st time posting, long time viewer. I feel there has been a more stable connection at my office, (Kearny Mesa off 163 between Balboa and Clairemont Mesa Blvd) throughout the day. Hopefully the LTE switch will happen soon, I (like many San Diegans) have been waiting for beyond 3G speeds since WiMax was introduced and nothing for almost 3 years now. Are there any further updates to the San Diego market?
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