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  1. All it did was instantly give me lte where I wasn't getting it downtown by my work! Tyvm!
  2. Looks like it was as easy as installing and using the nexus 5 field test app from the play store. Bands now enabled
  3. Not seeing an edit option on my post so I will update here. I looked in to the msl code thing and may try that I guess. But I am wondering if others have gotten this android update and why I may not have yet?
  4. Not sure I know what this is or if it is something I should even consider if the update is supposed to be rolled out nationwide very soon, but what I have read where it said sprint and more specifically sprint nexus users were supposed to have gotten it already.
  5. I still have issues downtown around the south east side. I must say though since my previous posting about losing it a few blocks from home has stopped. It dips down to a bar or two for a while but then gets very strong again, which is obviously acceptable and normal. The downtown thing is a bit weird because I can now toggle to force lte when in my building at work then back to standard setting and the lte will hold pretty well at 1 to 2 bars but nothing as good as I am experiencing on the way in to downtown and home. Overall very pleased with this. Now if I can get the 4.4.3 sprint update for android which is supposed to get those extra 2 bands enabled
  6. Here is the ss btw. Still having issues downtown by my work though I do somehow switch to it in my breakroom automatically which is nice. So something is definitely getting done down there as well. I must also note that the range of the LTE by my home is VERY small, and switches back to 3g after a few blocks heading in to work.
  7. Something amazing happened today by my home close to the riverview theatre. Dang it, I tried the attachment thing on my phone and maybe the file was too large, but got full bar LTE and 67ping 22down/4up I'm a happy man.
  8. I work in the Southeastern side of Mpls and live just a bit further Southeast than that close to the RIverview, and am still experiencing the same problems as before, but now with a timeline info from a care rep for whatever it is worth. I hate to be so pessimistic but this seems par for the course with them, just keep pushing out the date a few months again and again. SprintCare~ Thank you for the post and for providing your location information. I found that the main towers servicing both your home and work areas are scheduled for 4GLTE implementation over the next 90 days. Once complete you will experience a full 4GLTE experience at those locations. Charles G. Sprint Social Care Team
  9. Still having the same issue in Minneapolis. Guess "soon" is a really loosely used word to describe the fix timetable.
  10. If it is a quick fix on their part (which I'm hopeful for) then it is no big deal, however the track record does not bode to well. Fingers crossed.
  11. Any idea why I would experience what I stated a few posts ago?
  12. It is weird, I can't get it to connect to lte by making it my preferred network, but if I use an app that lets me choose lte only I do get a bar or two tops downtown at work. updating prl/profile lte pops up for the quickest of seconds then goes away.
  13. I got this text today "SprintFreeMsg: Over the next month the network will be largely completed in your area making it better than ever! http://sprint.us/network1"
  14. The issue is I can no longer connect to 4g which is wimax from what I understand, though I guess I may be wrong. So yeah kind of the issue as I stated as my option is 3g or nonexistent lte atm. Atm as I also stated I use an airave for my home otherwise my voice service is near nonexistent as well. I also use my wireless at home for data. My issues are issues to me sorry if I wasn't clear before...As for the "hate" comment no idea where my expressing any kind of desire for quick turnaround on the service being made available or noting issues I have being a problem or construed as "hate" sorry...
  15. Lol I have been with sprint for about 12 years now I think. I have been more than patient for the money I have put in Like I said as well, the real frustrating part is going from having 4g to only getting poor 3g and no LTE.
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