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  1. Sorry that's in St. Michael... Haha. don't know if our tower finally went live or they did some tweaking in Monticello or Rogers but it doesn't really matter to me!
  2. I was getting lte in my master bedroom in the upstair of my house for the last month or so but bnowhere else in town. (about 5mbs download as a high) then I couldn't get LTE for about a week. Came back on tonight and much to my delight just got 16mps down and I even keep a connection in my basement! (about 6mbps down there) very happy tonight!
  3. Tried... Only thing I could get on there was a 1 bar blip a few houses away from my house even though I'm getting it only in the upstairs bedroom of my house
  4. I'm thinking now I'm just getting it from another tower now... Can olny get a signal upstair in my house.. not outside or downstairs... Went over to the sprint tower in st. Michael (watertower) and there was a white van there but was only getting 3g right next to the tower... Any thoughts?
  5. Must have picked up right after first turning it on here in St. Michael cause its gone now... But 3g speeds sitting around 2 Down and 1 up which is way better than normal... Just as I'm typing I got 4g again... Might only be picking it up in the upstairs of my house... Hopefully it's being turned on in St. Michael and I'm not just picking up only on the top floor of my house from somewhere else... I guess it's better than nothing though
  6. Just now picked up LTE in St. Michael! Speed tests averaged 4 down and about 2.5 up. Hopefully this will speed up being day one but I'll take anything better than the .5 down average I was getting with 3g. Finally! Was driving me crazy having it within 8 miles in absolutely every direction But not here!
  7. LTE is between 4.5 and 5 miles from me in every direction! Driving me nuts! Come on St. Michael, when you gonna get LTE!
  8. Rogers, Corcoran, buffalo, monticello... I'm right in the middle! Come on st. Michael! Be next!
  9. Was in Monticello this morning and did a speed test for fun. Got about 10mbps down and about 5mbps up... Very recently popped up so I would guess it will get fast... Can't complain though... Used to 1mbps down on good days around here with the 3g... Hopefully they start moving east on 94 from there!
  10. Robert, Any idea of timeline to towers on 94 specifically St. Michael area?
  11. Anyone know how far out of the cities area they will be going? Corcoran is like 10 miles from my house... 94 up to st. Cloud should be a pretty high priority right? Sitting here in St. Michael hoping to get some of these speeds at home soon!
  12. ehrpd picked up in St. Michael today... Does this mean they're starting or just heading in right direction? Either way my super slow speed has doubled so far!
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