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  1. What about merging with smaller carriers instead of t-mobile? Like for instance US Cellular?
  2. data caps on home wifi is a big one for me. My home internet is capped at 250Gb. I am a gamer so having 15gb updates take up a lot of that. It is sad that the internet is getting capped every place now. I think that could be a good reason why sprint and T-Mobile will continue adding subscribers. As long as their networks aren't garbage, then people will flood to them once caps are enforced on their home internet.
  3. Between ATT and VZW, rootmetrics say they are worse. I know in parts of the country, Sprint is better. But overall, at this moment across the USA, can people really say Sprint is better than VZW and ATT?
  4. How many total 1st or 2nd place finishes does Sprint have in rootmetrics results? Now once you answer that, then you will see that Sprint idoesn't beat att or vzw the majority of the time. The majority of the time Sprint is in 3rd or 4th place.
  5. The problem is that Sprint is known as the worst provider (between att, vzw, and sprint). Take for example a baseball analogy. A team is 90-63 playing a team that is 63-90. What team is deemed better and which one is deemed worse? If the 90-63 team loses one or two games to the 63-90 team does that mean the better team now sucks and the worse team is now the best? No, people still think the better record is the better team. Root metrics constantly has vzw and att at 1 and 2. Too many places sprint is behind the other two. Yes, sprint is better or as good as the other 2 in some places. However, the majority of places, they are not. From experience, western Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska are brutal. Look at that coverage map. Roaming in 90% of those areas.
  6. How has the QC area been since the spectrum switch? Are there still patches of areas that are unusable?
  7. I was told that some higher ups were in the area last week looking at the spectrum swap and discussing microcells. Any truth to that? If so, any info out there about this?
  8. $65 for unlimited everything (including unlimited hotspot) makes this carrier a must look at for people living in Iowa and Western Illinois. I am pullin down an average of 25Mb/s with a peak of 50. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal with all the other carriers able to top out at 100 in certain places. But if you know Iowa and Western Illinois, then that is a big deal :-). Now, if Sprint could buy USCC, that would be a huge shot in the arm for this area.
  9. Wait, so now we are calling people impatient and "gotta have it now" type people because they would like to go to a store and pick up an item instead of having to wait on shipping. Do you have the same mindset of people that go to an electronics store to buy an item instead of waiting a couple days do it to arrive? If you want to buy online and not visit a store, then fine, but there is no reason calling people impatient because they feel like going to a store. What is wrong with society
  10. So are you telling me that when you buy new faucets for your sink that you should pay the water company an upgrade fee? How about the cable company an upgrade fee if I buy a new router? Cable company an upgrade fee if I buy a new tv? I don't mind an activation fee when I start new service, but if I just want to change my phone, then I shouldn't have to pay them considering I am paying full price for the phone. If they were giving me the phone free or subsidized, then I could be ok with it, but now that all that is gone, there is no reason for it.
  11. Would I need to get a better phone? My iPhone 5s is only pulling down between 50k-800k on average here.
  12. Yeah. It is brutal and don't see a light at the end of the tunnel since they don't much if any band 41 here. Which is sad since we have 500,000 people around here
  13. You should be able to. I used my unlocked sprint iPhone 6 and it worked on their network when I popped in a sim card
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