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  1. Yes she has an iphone and that was the other problem we experienced on wifi calling. For the E911 it has you put in your address which doesnt exist yet apparently. So the only way I could enable wifi calling was to put my old address in which somehow changed the billing address and they shipped the first magic box there. We had never had service with sprint at that address so that is the only way they could have got that address on the account. Price ya pay for moving I guess
  2. Yeah that's what we are doing now but it doesnt do anything for texting alot of what my wife does with her clients is through text so file sharing and what not doesnt work reliably. She doesnt want to make her clients add a service they dont want to communicate so we are looking for a fix for that. If we could use wifi for calls and texts I wouldnt even care about this box. Sorry for the long winded response.
  3. Well that's what the included literature says to do. As far as the other part of your reply, I am just trying what sprint recommended. They said since I am not getting phone coverage it voice and data over IP. I dont really care about internet but I need to be able to receive texts and calls at home.
  4. I recently moved to a new house that has no real coverage inside or outside. I had Verizon for 15 years and they didn't seem to concerned about helping me so I switched to Sprint and so far a few road trips and a trip to Mexico and coverage has been good Back to the problem at the house. I frequently don't receive calls and text messages struggle to go out or come in. Sprint sent me two different magic boxes but neither could get a signal to be of any use. The tech guy asked about our home network (1 gig up and down fiber) he said I should be using an AIRAVE instead and sent one. They accidentally double shipped so I have an extra one to mail back. I have opened up UDP ports 53, 67, 500, and 4500 on my router (Asus ROG GT-AX11000 router) all lights lock solid green except the LTE light which blinks red. I waited 24 hours before calling tech support and they went through a scripted troubleshooting thing, make sure LAN cable is plugged in, power cycle unit, wait for an hour for a return call. When that didn't fix it they had me hold the reset button for 10 seconds and told me to wait overnight. I did and called the next day because that didn't correct it either. They new tech I talked to had me do exactly the same thing and wanted me to call back the next day again. I really don't want to continue the same troubleshooting steps expecting a different result. In the meantime I had ASUS check my router to make sure I had it configured according to the instructions that came with the AIRAVE. They confirmed that it was configured correctly. I don't know what the AIRAVE is looking for on the LTE circuit. I don't know if since they sent out two accidentally they configured my account to the 2nd one that was sent but I am kinda at wits end and need someone who is going to look farther into this than the first four steps that tech support has me do. I don't really think its a network issue because when the LAN cable is disconnected another light turns off and then turns back on when its plugged in. I have the black AIRAVE 4 LTE that has six lights on the back. WAN, C-NET, L-NET, GPS, CDMA, and LTE. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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