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  1. might be my only option for house reception, I'll still need some type of gadget though
  2. I'm being told that if I'm not in a Magicbox area (which I'm not), the Airave 4 will not work. The new A4 configuration requires the same setup as the Magicbox. Even though the Airave availability site says it should work, they're telling me it's for prior versions. Frustrating, I'll be returning it, thank you all for your help!
  3. @ingenium or anyone else, i really dont want to give up, i get no reception in my house....any suggestions?
  4. Screenshots of the port forward setup can be seen in the link below. http://imgur.com/a/cpj4mlJ How can I easily get the IPs of the devices connected to the switch? Thank you!
  5. Well I tried @SeanK_ setup and it didn't work. Only WAN stayed green. The closest I've gotten was plugging the A4 before the eero into the switch all lights except for lnet and lte went green. Any suggestions? Should I delete those port forward rules?
  6. How do you port forward on the Eero Ok dumb question how do I that
  7. @SeanK_ I did a similar combination before (can't remember which went into the modem first). However, I'll try it again with the A4 plugged in first. Last time, It seemed like the Eero and A4 fought over the internet access because when the internet went down, the A4 started to gain lights (again, everything but Lnet and LTE). @lilotimzAny other suggestions? You mentioned port forwarding or DMZ net?
  8. Setup https://imgur.com/gallery/T2Jdn0P Here is my port setup....Blocking the Airave from my Eero does not seem to be helping as I'm losing lights.
  9. I tried plugging both the Eero and Airave into the modem but they fight over the ip address and only one ever works.
  10. L-net and LTE never went green. So I can try blocking the Airave from the Eero network?
  11. I've attached a picture. The modem does not have wireless routing capabilities. I rearranged the switch. Now the order goes Airave, Eero, TV and TiVo. It looks like a promising setup as both Eero and TiVo are working along with the MoCA connection for the TiVo Mini. However, while most lights on the Airave are solid green, L-Net and LTE are blinking red. Thank you!
  12. @SeanK_, @ingenium or anyone else that can help a basic user. I attached a picture of my setup (can't see the TiVo), I have RCN internet. The only time the Airave seems to almost work, is when the wifi is down, the eero and airave are not working together. What can I do to get this to work? About ready to give up. Thank you all.
  13. ok, this didn't get it working...the only time it seemed to ever work was when my wifi went down, it like took over and i couldn't get the Eero running until I unplugged the Airave....can anyone help, almost ready to give up
  14. But now I'm back at the original setup with an unmanaged switch added...Ill try it.
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