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  1. Ok I've now set up my third A4 and it doesn't seem to be getting a WAN connection. The WAN light is blinking green (same sequence of lights after about 12 hours). It's plugged in directly to my Netgear cable modem (which is not a router, just a modem). Can anyone assist? Thank you in advance.
  2. Longtome Airave user and never had issues until the Airave 4...The first A4 came in and they couldn't register it. They sent me another A4 and I can get every light solid green except LTE. So they are now going to send me a 3rd one but I suspect it's more to do with my network. I need to plug the A4 into my cable modem instead of my Eero because the 2 ports are taken. My Tivo goes into the Eero and the Eero goes into the cable modem for the Moca network to work. Also, since Sprint is sending me a 3rd A4 would this mean the second one which is not working is unregistered and that I'll need to troubleshoot when the 3rd comes in? Can anyone assist? Thank you.
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