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  1. I meant the signal bars. There should be a setting to change how many bars display at a certain strength... Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk - S4GRU
  2. Can you add a feature to allow users of the app to change the max-min of the bars on the Status Bar Notifications from SignalCheck? I would like to set them so I know what true strength I have... Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk - S4GRU
  3. @NWSStLouis KDO-89 is also broacasting the Tornado Watch even though it was cancelled.

  4. @weatherchannel #wutv At 5:55 PM a Radar Confirmed Tornado was located 7 Miles South of Mulberry, Moving Northeast at 45 MPH.

  5. @Boost1019 @991JOYFM @HDRadio @NWSStLouis Everything is normal again.

  6. @JeffcoDispatch @KMOV @FOX2now @ksdknews @KFTK @KPLR11

  7. @Boost1019 @991JOYFM @HDRadio @NWSStLouis Yes on HD-2 and HD-3 but with at least a 2 second delay between HD-2 and HD-3

  8. @TouchTunes is it possible to allow @GooglePlayMusic sync music to the Touch Tunes app to allow us Google Play Musi… https://t.co/ESPU4uEk1v

  9. @ng0e Is https://t.co/2icDgAk6sX down because its showing data that is 4 Days old?

  10. @NWSStLouis @weatherchannel Just started to snow briefly from 2:45PM to 2:47PM CST

  11. RT @NWSNashville: Tornado reported to have it Clarksville. Several homes heavily damaged.

  12. @TeddyBurrYT is #PokemonGO #down ?

  13. @CrimeWatchDaily New Story possible: Triple Murder near Poplar Bluff Missouri. A Baby and her Parents we're killed. https://t.co/WVibuhbZti

  14. @heatcats7 @HDRadio @KMOX If its red that means it goes into directional mode.

  15. @DIRECTV can you allow @Google #GoogleHome to control the DirecTV HD DVRs?

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