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  1. I'm curious what kind of deal Sprint is going to offer iPhone 7 users that took them up on the trade in your phone for reimbursed device payments last year to get the iPhone 8. I'm one of those people. I'm really loving this deal and want to get the 8 and still enjoy the reimbursed payments. I don't want to have to pay off the 7 to get the 8 since Sprint is paying my payments. Does anyone have any ideas what they're going to offer? Thanks.
  2. Then a single line of service is going to be $150+/month on all carriers because everyone has to pay for coverage from 3 carriers for no one but prairie dogs in the middle of Montana somewhere. No thanks.
  3. $699 seems a bit steep for an "essential" phone. For $50 more you can get a 128GB iPhone 7.
  4. In other forums I've told Sprint customers if you haven't already switched to an unlimited plan you better do it now while it's still available. I foresee it vanishing not long after the merger.
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