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  1. I feel your Talmadge pain. I live there and service has gone downhill over the last few months. This isn't a Sprint bash, just saying what I've experienced. The tower at Colwood and ECB was upgraded and is putting out LTE, but the site that serves much of Talmadge and Talmadge proper is at Monroe and Estrella (3G NV done). There are other cell sites in the area and Sprint has been having many problems with them, including Monroe/Estrella (I've spoken with Sprint multiple times about it, and not just the CS reps). For a while 3G speeds got considerably better but voice went South pretty quick - it got to the point where I couldn't use my phone inside my house (North of Adams) and even outside I had one bar, maybe two at best. I received many of the same responses you did from Sprint as well as "the problem has been fixed...wait, no, we are mistaken". Eventually things will be good, I'm certain of that, but I jumped over to Big Red for cell service. I rely on cell phones and things became not only unacceptable but unsusable to me in Talmadge and with too many dropped calls elsewhere. Sprint did handle my complaints and credit requests very well and I might come back some day when NV is complete if unlimited data is still around.
  2. I just wish Sprint would upgrade the tower at Estrella near Monroe in Talmadge... 0.10 down, 0.01 up is not unusual from there. Ugh.
  3. I've noticed that on Sprint's maps, for the most part, the sites that show two speed upgrades are the ones with LTE.
  4. I have an iPhone 5 (Yeah, I need to update my profile).
  5. Here's another LTE spotted report from a different forum. This time in Rancho Bernardo. Looks like we're finally getting some LTE love! http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/954566
  6. http://community.spr...e/534476#534476 Don't know if posting a link violates forum rules here - if it does, I apologize.
  7. Somebody just posted over on Sprint's forums that they are getting LTE in the Carmel Mtn area.
  8. I'd been having many data and voice problems over the weekend and was on the phone with Sprint yesterday and again this morning. Not that the CS reps have correct info all the time but the person I spoke with at Sprint made a very interesting comment to the effect that LTE was supposed to be lit up on February 1 in San Diego. I hope he was right.
  9. Hold on to your panties everyone! LTE was spotted for a short while this past Saturday in Eastlake, right near Albertsons off of East H Street/Proctor Valley Rd and Mt Miguel Rd with an iPhone 5.
  10. First post for me but I've been seeing vastly improved 3G speeds lately in San Diego. Mission Gorge Rd. at I-8 I've been hitting 1.5-1.6 Mbps down, 0.62 up. In Solana Beach I've been at 1.58 Mbps down, .5 up. Been as high as 2.35 down, 0.93 up on 3G in some parts. Not to say I haven't had my fair share of slow speeds too but I think there is hope.
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