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  1. I find this hard to believe. I have had the Iphone 5 and a hotspot and never been able to get more than 2 meg down. Most of the time i have to turn off LTE and only use 3G. Have not had much success all over st. pete.
  2. The site where bay new 9's radar had the crew on the tower today. (66th street) https://www.dropbox.com/s/er99iail7g6mzzb/Photo%20Feb%2022%2C%202%2046%2053%20PM.jpg
  3. Just went by that site, looks like they have some panels up there was another built and on the ground. here are 2 photos from this morning. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ti3ryo0xe07h0i/Photo%20Feb%2019%2C%209%2051%2050%20AM.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/wryrnwkgh7uylb5/Photo%20Feb%2019%2C%209%2050%2020%20AM.jpg
  4. Great speeds, i wish once they offically go live we see those speeds all the time. I have actually seen speeds from that same tower as low as 6meg down and just over 1meg.
  5. Thanks, i just was not sure of the tower id was part of the cell id or how to determine without driving to the site.
  6. How can you determine the tower based on the serving cell ID. I have done some searching and found no results.
  7. No mine has been switching over on its own.
  8. Yes this is the one the Feech is talking about. All their equipment is there and backhaul was just installed. The company i work for has equipment on the tower so i have access to site. It is interesting to watch the progress of the different components get installed having access. I will check the progress later this week as the other day the fiber backhaul was just installed and not connected to any of their equipment.
  9. I will be out at that site this week, i will check and see if their fiber has been connected.
  10. how do you determine what tower is servicing LTE from the field tech mode on a iphone?
  11. That belongs to a guy that works for Clear Channel, they are installing a low power FM. The tower crew that has been there over the past few days has been our crew working on our equipment. A subcontractor came out and pulled fiber from the telco to the sprint equipment. It was is now waiting to be connected to the equipment, i would assume based on testing ISP's that it should be active within 30 days.
  12. I was at the starkey road site last night and their Fiber backhaul was just installed.
  13. It looks like you were close to the Sprint cabinets i have noticed that the new ones are labeled on the front and say "4g LTE" notice my photo from another site. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z5zkzsq0ml6bnjt/Photo%20Dec%2018%2C%201%2015%2032%20PM.jpg
  14. are you talking about the sites complete map?
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