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  1. So in Yuma the Foothills Blvd tower still is not broadcasting lte. My Airave crashed at home and had to call sprint for a replacement, the tech said the system showed that tower is scheduled to be lte live in the next 3 months. I still have no idea why that one tower was left out of the mix when all the other towers in Yuma went lte live
  2. Dang, could have sworn I saw them working on the 2nd tier at one point. I am getting older though, mind must be playing tricks on me
  3. Ive got a meeting over there tomorrow. I'll see if I can get close to the tower and do some investigating
  4. Crews are still out working on that tower by the air station. Almost daily for the past week. Was out there yesterday, still no 4g but something was definitely up as I kept losing and regaining 3g connection.
  5. Sweet, they were definitely working on the second set of panels when i saw them. Heading over that way today for my kids soccer games, if it's transmitting 4g I'll try to get the engineering screen shots.
  6. It was not that tower then I saw the crews working on. It was the one a little further north (like 1/8 mile) off 3e, right by the little shopping center and Jack in the box and Chevron.
  7. Seen crews working on the tower across from the Air Station in Yuma... Not sure if it's the sprint tower though. I do know that the sprint tower out there is not transmitting 4g yet... Maybe soon?
  8. Give it a little while, sometimes takes a couple of hours to upload trips you map
  9. I wonder if the tower by the air station is broadcasting lte now, or maybe that is the one by the Foothills Walmart
  10. Sensory is showing lte along I-8 corridor out in the Foothills of Yuma. When I pick it up I'll try to grab some engineering screens to see if it's a new tower
  11. I think there is atleast the left, one by the air station, one out by the Wal-Mart by 8e, and the one out of Foothills blvd...would be nice to see 4g out by my house, in town coverage is pretty good...even got coverage sitting in the Harkins movie theater a couple weekends ago
  12. Seems towers are going online pretty steadily in Tuscon...however things have seemed to die of here in Yuma. Still crossing fingers we'll get some towers turned on east of the city
  13. Any word on the east Yuma towers? I think backhaul has been done. I've noticed very bad data signal from the airport and eat out to the foothills. Pandora constantly pausing whilst driving
  14. Some Yuma Samsung lte engineering screen shots First signal check pro shot Engineering screen shot taken by the airport. Engineering screen shot taken by Loves Truck Stop on 3E
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