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  1. I noticed my Framily dropped two recently so I posted my ID on reddit Saturday and I'm back at 10 members today. So somebody figured out how to add their lines.
  2. Don't DM send a regular tweet to sprintcare. Also I found I get a faster response if I include @marceloclaure
  3. LOL, it's the only thing I use Twitter for. It seems to get results with any company I've had issues with.
  4. Should at least give you 30 days to return before a charge shows up.
  5. I returned my phones to a sprint store on Saturday sept 26th. This Saturday I still hadn't received credit for them. I sent a tweet to sprintcare and marceloclaure and it was taken care of about a hour later. Apparently the store just scanned them and never did anything with them. I would definitely send them a tweet. Seem to get results fast.
  6. Yes, returned two yesterday to a corporate store. Just make sure you get a receipt.
  7. Nothing, as I suspected the ups drive left 3 6s pluses sitting on the porch. No signature. I'm will be headed to the sprint store tomorrow to return last years 6 pluses
  8. Sprint didn't have me sign for my two pluses last year. They were just left on the porch. I was just checking the tracking with this reddit post it looks like they aren't requiring a signature again. https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/1r81rp/lpt_the_first_six_digits_of_a_ups_tracking_number/
  9. Chat won't help. Your best bet would be Twitter. Send a tweet to @sprintcare and @MarceloClaure just as GoBigRed79 said.
  10. Wow! Just read this will definitely keep a eye on my account. Thanks for the heads up
  11. I was on the iPhone for life plan and this worked for me. They upgraded both of my lines. Just make sure you tweet @marcelo and @sprintcare. I had my upgrades in about 30 minutes. Very easy
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