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  1. Note the LTE indicator, I'm in San Diego!
  2. No regrets! Knew I would eventually be stoked with Sprint.
  3. Not that unusual. Part was from bank account, part was PayPal and then some cash. Was trying to streamline process.... Never considered having issues at refund, as that was not part of the plan. My mistake, and I am paying for it now! I did even ask if they would just put it in my bank account via debit card...no dice.
  4. That has been my experience as well. Did use TMob, for a time.
  5. Yep, corporate. It took every iota of restraint not to flip out....
  6. Original ETA on refund was 3 to 5 weeks. After some time on the phone with VZN financial they have approved "expedited" refund, but that still could take 3 weeks.... I had 3 lines on Sprint, added another when I jumped ship. Bought four iPhone 5's. Intended to port all lines back to Sprint, but after the VZN debacle, had no funds for new phones. Currently just the wife and my line active, using our iPhone 4S's....
  7. Not greener for me, by a longshot.... To add insult to injury, I paid cash (1500) for 5's at VZN store. On competing the return, employee said I could expect my mailed refund in a few weeks....
  8. Not so fast! After all that, I wound up returning the deivces and cancelling my contract w/VZN. Was not happy with the cellular phone service (many dropped calls ) and the limited 4G LTE near my home. VZN 4G "limited" service was no better than current Sprint 3G data speeds. Not worth the extra dough.... Going to ride this out with Sprint. More hopeful about Sprint's future than VZN's current capabilities.
  9. You make it sound like I had no reason to be calling customer service, and was expecting too much by at least hoping to get the minimum data speeds advertised.....
  10. More discouraged. I was surprised they were more willing to cut me loose than allow me an early upgrade. I waited patiently for 11 months for them to get up to speed, what's a few months to them? I would have signed a new 2 year contract....
  11. Went to the darkside for now: By no means am I encouraging anyone to leave Sprint, just worked out for my needs now. I will be keeping a close eye on Sprint........
  12. Excellent breakdown, pyroscott, thanks! .....So simple even a snowtrooper can understand it.....:D For me, the most worrying aspect of switching to VZN is this: Thanks again to everyone who chimed in with helpfull replies. I've got untill Friday to make my choice: Move to VZN: Faster data now w/ 4G LTE & new iPhone 5 but higher monthly bill. Likely dimminishing data speeds as subscriber levels reach critical mass. Stay on Sprint: Slow data (now), iPhone 4S (so no 4G LTE), unlimited data plan w/ "friends and family" discount, possible increased data spee
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