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  1. a lot of towers now have a sprint LTE antennas installed but i can't tell which ones are turned on. i've been to 4-5 confirmed sprint tower sites in the area whenever i get the 4g icon on my galaxy S3 and flip to phone settings to read the signal asu but it's always very weak. doesn't make any sense. either these towers aren't putting out a very good signal , or this phone is ver sensitive and switches to 4g when it sniffs a blip of lte. no one has an explaination for this, they just think i'm crazy. i drive 100+ miles every day as part of my job, i know austin well. there's almost 1 million people here. cell towers are like starbucks, there are 2 on every corner by looking at the sensorly map and my knowledge of the hills, bridges and over passes in austin i'd say the signal i'm getting is coming from ben white/lamar area. there is a tower at ben white and frontier trail and another behind matts el rancho. there's a new tower at a construction site across from reds porch. i couldn't get access to even read the fcc registration #.
  2. more 4g in south austin. top middle stick is an lte combo antenna.
  3. no no robert... wifi settings are seperate and should have nothing to do on how it receives and plots a 3g or 4g signal. i'm not having upload issues, i'm having capturing issues. if a 4g signal is present and the phone is currently in 3g mode it will not list a point under 4g unless the phone actually receives a strong 4g signal for an extended period of time, enough for the phone to actually switch the icon from 3g to 4g and then it will start logging the 4g points. when the phone is in 3g mode it will log 3g and miss the 4g spots, when it's in 4g mode it will log both 4g and 3g. if you look at the maps the 4g lte points are off a little. i'm having difficulty even finding a decent lte connection, most attempts to do a speed test fail. at this point in time, no live lte in austin is strong enough to give me a connection so i can attempt a speed test while driving down the road at 70mph. that's the real test if you ask me.
  4. anyone else having issues with sensorly? i logged a 50 mile journey travelling thru all of the already marked lte zones, and not a single lte spot was recorded on my phone. i stopped the car, and toggled airplane mode and bam, 4g. once i started driving it switched to 3g. i was able to do a speedtest in a 4g zone and got .26 down and .07 up. what's wrong with this picture??
  5. so riddle me this, which tower is confirmed active then? i thought i found the towers that were "hot" , they have lte antennas and sensorly confirms the signal. when i go to a spot where lte was confirmed and do a speed test i'm getting no where near the same results. i've updated my roaming list, rebooted the phone, it's in lte/cdma mode, just can't figure it out.
  6. robert i'm frustrated because i've been so excited about lte towers coming live in the austin area. now i'm finding lte everywhere but it's super slow. here's my speedtest results: lte: .87 mbps .80 mbps .02 mbps .28 mbps 3g: 2.31 mbps 1.77 mbps 1/24 mbps WHAT GIVES??? if i look at the sensorly map and go to where a lte connection was reported, i have to stop my car, put it into airplane mode, wait, then switch back and THEN i'll see the 4g icon. once i start driving it will switch from 4g to 3g and will not switch back. are these lte sites not turned on fully? is there a setting on my phone that's not correct? i'm pretty tech savy, just not sure what the heck is going on. it's sad my girlfriends wi-max S2 blows away my lte S3.
  7. hey guys, i found some lte in south austin, it's concentrated around a sprint store and the signal is very weak. any chance this is coming from a lte hotspot device inside the store? none of the nearby towers or rooftops have any lte work done. i know where most of the towers are and know which towers are being worked on. freaked me out when i saw the 4g icon. i mapped it on sensorly http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint
  8. i tried to post from my S3 earlier and when i hit 'add comment' the button highlights and does nothing, very frustrating!! SO what i was going to say is that i was driving around south austin for a white earlier today. someone correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the LTE signal came from the sprint store that is at mopac and 290 w. there are a few towers in the area, including a sprint tower across the street but it wasn't on the list for a tower to have LTE work done. i drove over there anyways and confirmed there are no lte antennas or recent work done to the tower. the other tower is an at&t tower. i drove around using sensorly and did some more lte plots. the lte signal was very weak and would only last a few blocks. i did a speedtest and it was less than regular 3G ! my girlfriend S2 got 18mbps on what i call 3.5G or wimax. i feel like i own a ferrari without a motor, it looks pretty but doesn't go anywhere. i now regret chosing sprint.
  9. i sure hope we are still in the testing phase. at&t on an iPhone5 hit 58Mbps on a speedtest. anyone know how to upload pics? i have a few of the crew adding LTE antennas to the top of the tower at 1st/slaughter today.
  10. also tower on west slaughter lane near s. 1st is being worked on.
  11. ok guys, i posted this in another link, thought i'd share it here. i drove to I-35 / 620 area and started logging. i finally saw the 4G icon light up on my phone! kinda wished it said 4G LTE but oh well. anyways I drove around a little and did some logging on sensorly. the tower is active but speeds are low, similiar to 3G. I guess they are still testing it out. The tower is close to round rock hospital. http://sensorly.com/...t/lte_310sprint
  12. Sorry for typos. I'll edit later. I'm at the park pl cir tower and I have logged 28 points of 4G on sensorly. We have a live one boys !
  13. After reading the last post I decided to go for a drive. While northbound on 35 just before 620 my 3g icon went to 4g for about a mi Ute and disappeared. I am logging with sensorly now.
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