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  1. Well, it's not at fast as Lancaster, but it's cool to finally see some B41. This was on East market street in York
  2. Well I guess it's nice to see why I have such a terrible time when I go to York vs when I'm in Lancaster...
  3. Gotcha, cause around here in Lancaster it's basically everywhere besides where they're still working on tower density. The area sprint rep keeps me posted on a lot between softbank and sprint and things with the network and I always show him stuff you guys talk about on the forums. But even he's surprised shentel isn't on track with a lot of other places when I talk about my visits here
  4. That's the point.....it's almost everywhere but shentel land
  5. Well this is what happened when I got to shentel land.... Compared to being on the bridge and in Columbia.... I mean I'm rooting for shentel....but...this [emoji30]
  6. Well, ran into some B41 when I was coming to york this morning, this was in the Columbia area, but as soon as I got across the bridge, B25 and slow speeds (compared to lancaster), is shentel still working on stuff? It's really bad when it just seems like no improvement is really happening is all. The most I've seen happen is second carrier B25 (at least around my areas) and B26 with sub-par speeds (once again, compared to lancaster) when I'm seeing B41, second carrier B41 and speed increases happen around here so often. This post is definitely not trying to bash anything either, just want some insight I suppose.
  7. Did a test at work and with the sprint rep as well when I was showing him CA in the area with an S6 and I had my nexus 6, I use signal check pro, wasn't reporting being connected to b41 like usual nor B41 second carrier. Unless the app was acting up which it usually doesn't, I could be wrong. But I'm just going by what's being shown.
  8. Okay, good, I was really starting to wonder No, was not connected to B41, was mostly a general question because I'm so use to double digits (upper 20s-30s) here in lancaster and high 50s-70s on a CA device even off B41. It was just a shock because I saw you guys posting about sightings of B41, I thought they got backhaul in most areas after all this time.
  9. Well, went out to york yesterday, is shentel working on backhaul? The speeds where extremely low, I mean single digits to low teens in most areas I went to
  10. well, seeing b41 pop up gives me some hope when I travel back down to york, got so use to the speeds in corporate land here in lancaster and york always left me disappointed whenever I'd visit
  11. Just pulled this down on a customers phone at work....really making me want to get a new phone but I don't want to give up my nexus 6 . Anyone have opinions on the g4(can get a decent price on a used one) since it's a CA phone or does anyone know if the 6p supports CA
  12. Well....second carrier b41 is live out here, got some decent speeds, was at school, HACC lancaster campus if anyone was interested
  13. Gotcha, I stand corrected, hopefully 6.0 next week and the new deep sleep will make a huge difference
  14. I will say though, the one thing that's starting to kill me with b41, just like in the wimax days, such a battery killer, my Nexus 6 is barely surviving because I'm on b41 all day. Now it could just be my phone or me but just wanted to throw that out there
  15. I have to say folks, haven't seen him in a few days, there was a new rep he was training last I spoke with him, so that might have something to do with it. Will still try to ask about some of the areas mentioned next time I get in touch with him though
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