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  1. Band 26 and 1x800 is extremely pervasive in this market, especially in Isle of Wight County. I have found that band 41, unlike in New York City and the surrounding Jersey area, is fairly useless here. It's nearly impossible to pick up unless you are right next to the tower and even then the backhaul isn't fully upgraded yet and the other bands are just as powerful, if not more. Other than that, this market is top notch! I am extremely happy to be a Sprint customer at this time.
  2. The highest I ever saw was when I was still in school at CCSU in New Britain, CT. I picked up exactly 20 mbps down. When I saw that I nearly shat myself I was soo surprised.
  3. I picked up 1x800 today while inside a building on the CCSU campus. My phone kept jumping between that and roaming on Verizon for about an hour until pcs became available again. Unfortunately the only LTE I have been able to pick up in this part of New Britain was from the tower downtown and it is usually unusable.
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