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  1. StuckOnEDGE, I'm near 32 and Old 74 near Eastgate.
  2. StuckOnEdge, I live in Colerain and work in Batavia and I never drop calls on my way to and from work. 3 or 4G is pretty steady too. I used to have Tmo, and I dropped calls all the time at work.
  3. What, you didn't enjoy typing a few hundred lines of code to see a monochrome, still image of a snowflake? I miss that thing. When floppy disks were actually floppy!
  4. Nope, no, no way....I'm not even comfortable in my tree stand, and that is only 15 feet.
  5. By my count, the Network Vision Site Acceptance Report Updates page on this site list 7 accepted LTE towers in Cincinnati, but I only see 6 on Sensorly's coverage map. Does anybody know where the 7th tower is?
  6. Son of a...Not only do we have awful weather these days, Cincinnati can't get invited to the cool kids' party. Is there a 5th or 6th round we can hope for here? Sorry, I'll stop venting now. I need to conserve heat anyway. =)
  7. That was a great show. I still meet people who, when they find out I'm from Cincinnati, think that's a real station.
  8. Man, if they just threw a few more towers east of there, that would make us here in Cincinnati pretty happy campers.
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