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  1. So are they active now? Can i scope them out? I work right by the Orange grove and la cholla one but im still on 1900. Here is the signal check screen.
  2. Ohhh neat! Looks like it's time to drive around with signal check open again lol
  3. So hopfilly next year they will get 2500 and 800 to Tucson? Sill only 1900 and when i go in a building it drops to 3G. Also i don't know what is wrong with the 3G but the phone says im offline.. Its useless.
  4. Oh wow, i thought thought the NV panels had it all. So they have to go back and put more panels up on the sites they already upgraded to NV? Damn.. Is there a time frame for areas where they have to do that?
  5. I thought the new panels were all in one as in 800/1900/2500. In Tucson almost all of the cell sites are upgraded with the new panels and RRU with most having back haul. Do they have to have to be cleared to use 800 before 2500 can be activated?
  6. If the new upgrades have everything in one then why don't they have it up and running everywhere there is 4g? I get that the 800 can't be available when its too close to the border but 2500 has a short range so why not have it broadcast?
  7. So what i get from this is that the M9 has a much better RF then the M7 and a bit better then both the samsung phones?
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