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  1. What about the south part of mayagüez like sultana, mayagüez mall, hormigueros..... any news... I know near sultana and in hormigueros near my work are a couple of antenas with VERY GOOD LOCATION to do some B41 upgrades!!!
  2. B41 Right now in front of Centro Medico... dont know which antenna though
  3. Ran a speed test last night.... i was standing in the middle of the Plaza Colon and checked and was running on B41.... but imeager to know when will theyupgrade the other towers in mayagüez...
  4. I really hope is less... im out of contract and really need to see an improvement.......
  5. Indeed... in mayagüez B41.. ill run a speed test to check for speeds....
  6. Im really not sure but doubt it since my mom haD t-mo and i live REALLY close to that site and once she entered my house her phone went into a black hole....literally as in sprint having at least half a bar of signal and t-mo like none
  7. This is the site on the castillo and road #2 crossing i talked about a couple of posts ago...anyone know is sprint will add a n antenna in that well placed tower?...
  8. There is no certain dates on when will they finish testing and when they will launch? Also... any news on the Sprint-OpenMobile deal?
  9. Found out im connected yo this site but i don't believe thats the howard Johnson site ..... any info on it... also it was on B25....
  10. There is a site in the intersection of castillo and #2 road in mayagüez that appears to have antennas for 4 carriers..... any idea if sprint will place A VERY WELL NEEDED antenna there?
  11. Thats great news, i was just gonna ask about that!!! And also about the Sprint-OpenMobile deal.....
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