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  1. So I just downloaded the signal check pro app and that im connected to ehrpd now when yesterday it was EVDO rev a. Ive been connecting to 3 different towers the one off 198 and Exeter, Acequia in Visalia, and the one in Farmersville. Pictures below are same tower the one off 198 by Exeter
  2. the service in Exeter has been horrible past couple of days zero reception data turns off and on all day. Sprint zone app has a data and voice ticket open and that it should be resolved by Sunday.
  3. My service at home has been really bad this week. 3g turns off and on a lot and don't get reception as I used to. I have done prl, profile, airplane mode, soft reset. Sprint told me like they tell everyone that 4g upgrades are schedule to the nearest tower nin coming months
  4. Not sure whats going on but theres been activity at the Farmersville tower past two days. 1 guy on a lift and a crew on the ground.
  5. Yea thats weird I haven't picked it up when I go by I know it starts by police station going to Visalia. I noticed a lift by the sprint tower when I was passing through going home didnt see it there this morning.
  6. Whats up with that spot on sensorly map in Farmersville. Got excited on my way home when lte was on all the way til I hit Farmersville. Patiently waiting for it to see if it hits Exeter live off visalia rd.
  7. Ive been getting error code #131 data signed in failed message on my phone I get it all day at work and when im home. I have to restart or sometimes pull my battery to get my 3g back. I stopped getting this for about a month now its back.
  8. That was also me earlier today was going to a home owners house on Pryor st. I'm an electrician so whenever I'm on a route im always checking for lte. Hope it comes to Exeter soon
  9. Lol it has my route from the other day from the 99 to goshen down ricgin, shirk and doe even when I pulled into my shop
  10. I no longer get data error codes on my phone a month ago I would get them a lot and I would have to take my battery out everytime to reconnect to 3g.
  11. Sprint rep that was at radio shack yesterday told us that Visalia will see lte in February but didn't give any other info
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