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  1. I wish Sprint was more transparent with this project. Things have improved a lot in the last 2 years but they are not definitely at the same level as Verizon, for example, especially in Downtown Chicago. I do speedtests in my office and while my phone struggles to pull 1mbps, my coworker pulls >20mbps with Verizon. I know things will keep improving but there's never official word.
  2. Yes. Having the same issues around the Loop (where I work) and in the West Loop (where I live). The problem is much worse indoors. I always thought that Band 26 was supposed to address weak indoor signals but so far I don't see any improvements.
  3. All day getting disconnected from Sprint service and getting no connection message in my phone. I'm at the Loop. Any known service disruptions today?
  4. Anyone experiencing improvement in data service around downtown Chicago? I'm just curious.
  5. I still have more than 1 year on my current contract plus I like the unlimited data plan. Again, are these issues caused by lack of optimization and should be resolved in the future? That's my question. Thank you,
  6. I just want to know if things will improve in the West Loop and the Loop in the near future. I have been a Sprint subscriber for 11 years and endured the horrible years of the transition to LTE. But now it's 2015 and I'm still not satisfied with the service. If I'm in my apartment on the West Loop I get connected to a band 26 antenna and then all of the sudden it changes to a crappy Band 25 antenna and then it goes to 3G. It does not latch at all to any of the good Bands in the area and even when I learned that there were a lot of Band 41 antennas in the area I can't connect to any of those. When I go to work at the Loop it's the same story, it connects to a good Band 41 antenna but all of the sudden my phone decides to latch to a crappy Band 41 antenna and never goes back to the good one. It's frustrating to say the least. And on the meantime I see a coworker with a Verizon phone downloading files at 35MBps while I barely break the 1MB mark.
  7. I can confirm the Loop and the West Loop are also affected.
  8. My issue has been ongoing for many months now. It's not due to the NFL Draft.
  9. When in my office building at the Loop or my apartment on the West Loop my phone keeps changing antenna connections and usually latches to seemingly congested antennas. In my office building my phone has a tendency to latch to a band 41 antenna with close to 0 throughput. In my apartment it usually latches to a band 26 antenna with a very good throughput but for some reason it frequently drops that connection and connects to a 3G antenna. It's kind of frustrating. Overall service is better but it's still not reliable, especially inside structures.
  10. Anyone experiencing problems inside structures at the Loop and the West Loop? I just want to know if this is something that will improve in the months ahead. Thank you,
  11. I posted a couple of days ago regarding my experience on the Loop and the West Loop. Anyone around wants to sharehis/her experience around these areas?
  12. I will report my experience living on the Chicago West Loop (Greektown) and working in the Loop (right by the Sears Tower). Chicago West Loop - Generally good and strong LTE signal with decent/good speeds if I am outdoors. If I get in my apartment signal goes down the crapper, speeds are sluggish and sometimes I drop to 3g. It's frustrating to say the least. Loop - My office is located at the corner of Jackson and Franklin and LTE in my office is basically unusable. My phone is constantly changing bands and antennas. It usually locks to a band 41 antenna which seems to be malfunctioning as I can't download anything at all or sometimes I get less than 1mb download speeds. It cycles to other antennas which are slightly better but my frustration is: why can the phone lock to the best antenna option? And why hasn't Sprint addressed this issue? I have to admit that things have improved overall but the situation in the Loop and some areas of the West Loop are still a work-in-progress.
  13. I have a question for people in the Naperville area. How's the triband working in Naperville? I have a friend with an iPhone 5 who lives in Naperville and she's not happy about the Sprint LTE service in her area. I explained her that her phone only catches band 25 and that with the iphone 6 she will be able to connect to band 26 and 41 as well and she may have a much better experience.
  14. I hope it addresses the slow wifi issue. It's driving me nuts!
  15. I will reiterate that I love Band 41!!!! The coverage in the Loop/West Loop area is very good. I do have a question. Although most of the day I stay connected to band 41 in my Loop office, the phone sometimes decides to throw me in a band 25 signal which is basically horrendous. I wonder how these band switches happen and why. It's perfect on band 41 and all of the sudden poom it goes to Band 25.
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