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  1. No news. I check the tower closest to me on my way to work each day and no crews have been out digging for the new backhaul. If you read above, it sounds like they may have been at the Sanford site on S. University, but I haven't seen/heard anything other than whats in this thread. I too can get 2.20+ consistently at night after coming home from work/gym at 2AM haha. It's nice because Google Music is actually usable at that time I know there is cable work going on around town and in my neck of the woods (S. Fargo/Osgood) especially near S 45th and 32nd Ave. I don't know if they are putting down new lays to act as patches between currently existing drops to help integrate the new lines they will be digging to the tower. I have yet to see any telco trucks at these sites as it's just been contractors digging and such. I really wish they would hurry up though. I was seeing snowflakes and the pond in our back yard is starting to ice over at night so that means the ground is freezing and construction work will be coming to a halt pretty soon once the white stuff starts flying.
  2. This is what you should be looking for hardware wise: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4344-how-to-spot-sprint-td-lte-antennas-rrus-samsung/ Through signal check, you just want to keep an eye out that you're connected to 1x800 MHz (voice) and eHRPD (switch off between LTE/3G) for data. If you see good signals there and are connected to them pretty currently, it's a good assumption the work is done there. You also may need to load/change/update your PRL for one that supports 800 MHz.
  3. Looking at network.sprint.com it's showing they upgraded two towers in the Grand Forks area. One by Demers Ave and University Park and another by I29 and S 42nd Street.
  4. Yeah I don't trust a damn thing @sprintcare says. I've posted up my rant and tweets with them a few pages back. And Moza is right. Everything is installed in the area. We're just waiting on the backhaul to be put in and then the integration team come and take care of the rest. It'd be interesting to see if the building permits have even been applied for yet for the digging work that will be needed. Anyways double checked the area I saw yesterdayand yeah it was excavation and yeah they were digging... ... but not for fiber optics. They were getting at some city sewer lines.
  5. Not to excite anyone, as it could be pure coincidence... But on my way to work checking the towers, I saw a road crew putting up orange barrels and "Road Work Ahead" signage near the 38th St SW/40th Ave S intersection (across the street from the tower). I am fairly confident the sign on the truck said "Excavating Inc" which is a company out of Fargo here. Not totally 100% sure since I was on the motorcycle so I had to keep an eye on the other cars nearby. Maybe they are getting ready to start digging/ditch-witching to put in the new fiber optic backhaul? I'll check again tomorrow and report what I see.
  6. Yeah I am now on eHRPD at home now... but at work its been fairly consistent EVDO whereas I was getting eHRPD. I wonder why the towers are bouncing back and forth; 800 and 1x, EVDO and EHRPD. I hope it means something good is happening soon but I am definitely not holding my breath.
  7. Has anyone noticed with Signal Check that the towers are back on EVDO (Rev 0 in my case) as compared to eHRPD? I've checked at both home and work (two separate towers) even after power cycling and toggling airplane mode but I still connect to EVDO. Still broadcasting voice on 800 MHz though...
  8. Now if we could just get some new fiber bachauls installed on these towers before the snow stays and the ground starts to freeze. Which may be difficult since it sounds like snow is coming Saturday. After experiencing 4G (LTE, not WiMAX) last weekend my appetite has only increased. I don't know if I can wait through winter HaHa.
  9. Anyone with an AT&T LTE Phone? http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=24799&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=36996&mapcode=consumer|mk-att-wireless-networks AT&T threw the switch in Fargo today (19SEP13)... only after having it announced a little less than a month ago (21AUG13) http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=24723&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=36923 It'd be interesting for a comparison to see what people are getting on AT&T's LTE up here now compared to when Sprint finally launches LTE here.
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