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  1. I call it "Extreme Ball in a Cup": Playing with your "Ball in a Cup Game" underneath a low hanging ceiling fan.

  2. I'm not sure I'm pretentious enough for Tumblr. At the same time, I think saying that makes me pretentious enough for Tumblr.

  3. I... Don't even know what to think anymore... http://t.co/f39VqSmr

  4. Three words: Hanukkah Clearance Section

  5. The system senses that I'm trying to leave... and moves even slower.

  6. Direct quote from one of my work IM conversations this morning: "Man, putting on pants is such a hassle."

  7. Something is wrong with the heat in this place... But I guess I'd rather it be 78 degrees than 38 degrees in here. My room is a wind tunnel

  8. Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!

  9. Go home and give your kids a hug and don't let a day go by without telling them you love them.

  10. Because Criminals always follow the laws...

  11. Dear California: Hide your kids, hide your wives. I'mma be there next month.

  12. I just considered turning my Mayan calendar into a clock. I then reflected on the irony of doing that.

  13. Dear Words with Friends: Stop being so damn addicting.

  14. Dear this week: Please be over, like nao. PLEASE?!

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