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  1. RT @Androidheadline: The Great Android Holiday Giveaway 2016 / 2017 – Over 20 Prizes!https://t.co/qPuh3BrHaz https://t.co/hITv4YjSMc

  2. I've just entered to win an HP Elite x3 Power Bundle from @WindowsCentral! #win #contest https://t.co/1otkt0i5KQ

  3. I've just entered to win an HP Elite x3 Power Bundle from @WindowsCentral! #win #contest https://t.co/sYQTgVcYyI

  4. I've just entered to win an Alcatel Idol 4S prize package from @WindowsCentral! #win #contest https://t.co/Q7xpF3IoeP

  5. Oh man, the Vegas odd makers going to be paying thru the nose if the course of Trump holds true. They were betting 10 to 1 against.

  6. RT @magnifier661: ????????YUGE TURNOUT????????Remember when the media said voter turn out would be low? They were wrong again.#MonsterVote#ElectionD

  7. RT @AndruEdwards: We are giving away TWO iPhone 7 Plus and/or Google #PixelXL! Enter now! https://t.co/ux1xJAp3Yg #iphone7

  8. I just entered to win a Pixel or Pixel XL plus a $100 Amazon gift card from Android Central! Check it out!! https://t.co/SCyNVkOqSB

  9. I just entered to win an Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle from @TechnoBuffalo https://t.co/Wd4UWgpYgM

  10. Google Pixel International Giveaway! https://t.co/V463e5inwT

  11. Microsoft is giving away $1000 in Windows Store gift cards! Check out the Haunted Hub and enter to win! https://t.co/DeOaNkiY0T

  12. RT @BlackBerryHelp: #TeamBlackBerry! Which of the following is your favourite app in the Hub+ Suite?

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