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  1. My phone switched to LTE today in downtown Greendale. My parents live in Greendale and we went out to lunch today. Sprint services are usually pretty rough in the downtown area of Greendale for whatever reason.
  2. First Post. I live/work in Burlington. While the local towers are still just doing 3G, the CDMA 800 mhz (1x800) that's been working since late June has improved voice service significantly for me. I was never able to use my phone at work (I work in the basement of a large concrete building) as it would show "No Service" 95% of the time. Since the upgrade, I can use both voice and sms without any problem at my desk (I still use wifi for data). Hopefully LTE gets turned on in the city of Burlington soon, but so far so good. Here's in the basement at work: And at home (1.84 Miles from tower, heavily wooded near my house):
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