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  1. RT @FortniteFunny: Playing duos with a random teammate be like: (credit @chachacharly08) https://t.co/bswbQ11zRd

  2. RT @MeninistTweet: What if i told you... Fortnite wasn’t just a game..a 30 for 30 story @MeninistGaming https://t.co/wFrpRxjcXn

  3. RT @thecryptotwit: Retweet if you think @aantonop should have been a guest this week on @CNBCFastMoney instead of Roger Ver this week! http…

  4. @Reds Joey Votto #Reds200

  5. RT @HoodJesusYo: When college don't accept tha "Jesus paid it all" form of payment and u gotta give em ur cash http://t.co/ZTxE6136hH

  6. Work going on with the Sprint tower in Eastgate. We have had 4g for a couple months already here.
  7. RT @TheFunnyTeens: Moms be like "you got something in the mail today" http://t.co/kan23vuBJD

  8. Finally got my own room after 20 years of sharing with my brother. I'm going to go celebrate by having some Apple Bees.

  9. If anyone wants to go to Path Bible Study tonight at 7:30pm let me know. Everyone is welcome.

  10. RT @ClarkHazlett: If I get 10,000 retweets my English teacher will excuse me from my final! He is really excited... #retweet http://t.co/VT…

  11. RT @Motorola: Everything you love about #MotoX—with an unlockable bootloader. Check back tomorrow at 9AM CST for our Dev Edition giveaway! …

  12. RT @HoodJesusYo: When u readin yo bible u like "imma highlight da important parts" http://t.co/J4oo1iGVPr

  13. RT @HoodJesusYo: Nothin challenges yo faith like flappy bird... when u get to da end it makes da struggle dat much mo worth it doe http://t…

  14. Climber spotted at this location. It's on 275 before the 5 five mile exit. I was only getting 1xrtt when I passed through that area. Good news for anyone in that area.
  15. The Eastgate tower was on pretty much all day and still was when I got home. I got 14mb down in the mall parking lot. I mapped around the Eastgate area today on sensorly.
  16. The two towers in Eastgate are pulling in right around 1.5 down consistently and around 1.1 up on 3G.
  17. This is from the tower across from Eastgate mall.
  18. The two Eastgate towers are broadcasting 800 3G. The 434 Hilltop drive tower has been broadcasting lte also but it seems to be pretty week. The other Eastgate tower is across state route 32 from the Eastgate mall and it seems to be coming from the new tower that I believe is replacing the old one on that lot.
  19. Lte was broadcasting in Eastgate last night on the tower at 434 hilltop drive. Woo!
  20. More work being done in Eastgate. This time on the tower on 434 hilltop drive. Getting excited to see this part of town light up with better speeds.
  21. I spotted some workers at the new sprint tower in eastgate on omni drive. Looks like we are finally breaking through the 275 loop westward.
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