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  1. Crappy service? How about no service at all!?! We were at the fair last night and I couldn't even get a text message out to check with the babysitter. Got home and the 4G was at full strength.
  2. Oh baby, 4G goodness last night!! Sitting outside on my patio, my S4 actually kicked off the WIFI and jumped on to a 4G signal. So, I shut the wifi off on the phone and low and behold the glorious 4G icon came on. I wish I could post the screen capture of the speed test. I took 6 tests between 7:45 and 8:15. Slowest: 6652kbps down, 2671 up Fastest: 18331 down, 6438 up I assume they were testing the tower going in by UW Waukesha. This morning, back to 3G
  3. First post, but have been following this thread for a while now. Just got my GS4 on Monday last week(up from GS2). We were out on the boat on Michigan waiting for the fireworks, I had 4G from as far south as the Lake Express dock. And as far north as UWM. When we came in and hit the river, the 4G would come in and out. By the time we pulled off and headed home it was back to 3G. It was exciting for me as I haven't had any 4G experience so the speeds were really cool. My wife has a GS3 and she had 4G signal as well. I wish they'd hurry up and get it going out here in Waukesha, having it for that little bit has really made me want it more.
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