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  1. Yup, the Estabrook tower is certainly broadcasting LTE finally! I took a walk around the Capital / Oakland intersection area while running some errands today, mapping everything on Sensorly. I'll do some more mapping tomorrow. Have 1 bar standing in my living room:
  2. I live quite close to that tower too, never gotten LTE off that tower. Once it goes live I'll Sensorly the hell out if it :-D
  3. Summerfest congestion could explain why I didn't get any 4G, end even lost EV-DO for a while, on my way home that way last night. On my way to work in the morning yesterday I had good 4G signal on the Hoan Bridge going right over the Summerfest grounds.
  4. Got LTE practically the whole way down 794 this morning on my way to work, then when I came home in the evening it was gone. Guess they're still testing stuff, but it's certainly a good sign
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