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  1. Can pretty much confirm Milwaukee downtown is the same way or worse. I work in Greenfield though, and I get great speeds with only 3 bars.
  2. Not sure if it has to do with ecsfb. I have an S4, which I don't believe to be tri-band, and I still don't have 4G. I am getting 4G where I work in Greenfield though. Averaging 14mbps down and 4 mbps up. Not bad.
  3. I thought for sure 4G would be switched on soon after Monday. I got really good call quality on Monday so I assume the tower switched over to 1x800. It was my first experience with 1x800 and it was eerily clear. The experience, for me, was similar to seeing a TV with a really high refresh rate for the first time.
  4. Success Thanks a ton. I haven't been this excited since I was a little boy getting an N64 for Christmas.
  5. It's probably a pipe dream, but you didn't get 4.3 via Sprint did you? Or did you just root? Sorry if this is a little off topic just curious.
  6. Here we go again... Listen I for one am not happy with Sprint either. I don't think anyone here is really the happiest with the length of the upgrade. We all understand your frustration, but there is a time and a place.
  7. As someone who lives in the same area, I concur and appreciate your updates.
  8. Hmmm, you only got 2mbps down? My guess is that the LTE was only on for testing then. Every time I've gotten consistent LTE it's been on average about 20mbps. 15 at the lowest. Though I haven't had much experience with it since I live within Milwaukee, so I very well could be wrong.
  9. Well you can find more information on page 75, but allegedly someone was able to reach corporate at 1-855-848-3280 and talked to some guy named Jason. Not sure how accurate the information is. From what I understand Support Reps will tell you you're talking to corporate when you really aren't. I would swing by page 75 and read everything the guy had to say. Starts with the first post on that page. Good luck to you sir.
  10. There has to be. If you can't get 4G on the Lower East Side of downtown, that would be a complete fail... which Sprint is not prone from doing mind you. But I feel like it's highly unlikely that there wouldn't be a tower close enough to the Lower East Side to grab 4G from.
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