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  1. We will get the color options of Blue or white for sprint.
  2. Nothing is Official from from sprint yet. However based on the fact that they have had the Corporate stores select an advocate for a new up and coming device. and stated that the one chosen could not take any Payed Time Off in June. plus this article. http://insidesprintnow.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/galaxy-s3/ leads me to believe it will be here this month or beginning of July.
  3. Looks like it will be the SGS3!!! Didn't think it would come this Quick!!
  4. So we thought that we would get 10 phones for launch tomorrow but we were surprised! We got 2 shipments of 10 so once we put up our 2 Demo units we have 18 to sell tomorrow!!!! Im not sure if all corporate stores got the same but i would guess they did!
  5. So I work in a Sprint Corporate store. and we learned today that the Corporate stores will be receiving 10 phones for a Saturday in store launch. I verified this buy looking up our stores open shipments. bare in mine that we have not had a single phone in our inventory yet even for a display. and the phone is to take up 2 spots which gives stores 8 available phones to sell on saturday.
  6. LG Eclipse may be it. My only thoughts on this are that LG has never done an Advocate device however based on the specs for it i could see it being the first. My guess on the mystery phone was for it to be the Galaxy Note/Journal. thoughts?
  7. So 2 of the requirements for the advocate are that they must be familiar with android and they can not take any time off in June. They are also asking us to submit our t shirt sizes for the shirts we will wear on launch day of this device.
  8. So i work for Sprint as a Retail Consultant. And wanted to see everyone thoughts on what the next "Flagship" phone might be. Every time Sprint launches a "Flagship" Device a rep in every corporate store is chosen to be the advocate for the new device about a month before it launches. For example i was told about a month ago that I would be the Advocate for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Sprint never has an advocate for a device that is nothing to new or exciting. Well today at work we got word from Sprint that our store is to choose an advocate for a new device that will be coming real soon. Only problem is they didn't say for what device. This never happens. so what is it going to be? thoughts?
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