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  1. Yeah, they did it with the Sharp Aquos Crystal, both prepaid and post.
  2. Went into a local store, only on prepaid & Boost.
  3. Question, if you buy the moto E from Motorola, can you activate it on the Postpaid Sprint network?
  4. You ordered from Sprint site? I went ahead and ordered today, a couple of hours ago. I hope to know more tomorrow.
  5. Does anyone remember how long it was before a Nexus 5 was available I n stores? I ask to better prepare for the wait.
  6. Does Best Buy have stock in stores; that is the question.
  7. My original comment should have included the following; Sad that again cant get the biggest version available. Yes, i understand that Sprint is out to make a profit.
  8. Sprint does it again, charging more for a device than Google. $696 for the 32 model when the 64 is $699 on Google play store. Sad.
  9. I now understand your question. I doubt that Sprint will carry the 64 u less they saw a large number of the 32 brought in to be activated. I believe that they attempt to err on the side of caution. Better to have minimal stock instead of a surplus of phones.
  10. Anyone correct me if I am wrong, you can activate either the 16 or 32 Nexus 5 on Sprint. So my thought is that both sizes of the Nexus 6 will also work on Sprint. The way I understand it is that each Nexus 5 and 6 is not locked to a particular carrier, but can be used on anyone of them. Note, i believe Verizon passed on the Nexus 5.
  11. Call quality has been good to me.
  12. Haven't compared my experience to reported info. Signalcheck is an app?
  13. The position of the front facing camera is fine on the bottom and allows the coolness of the screen. Fits fine in the pocket. Good clarity on phone calls.
  14. I have purchased one in store yesterday. I'm impressed with the screen, having minimal bevel makes the screen look great.
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