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  1. If it helps, the S7 Edge is the same physical dimensions as the S5. You're getting more screen for the same width. If you've never been comfortable holding the S5, then yeah, maybe you downgrade.
  2. Those were past deals. The deals have gotten worse over time. There's no guarantee the deals will be as good as they were in the past. Anyway, the comment is irrelevant since the Wireless Charger deal expired on Tuesday.
  3. If you got the Wireless Charger promo, I just double-dipped and got the $30 gift card with my first transaction on the card I added to get the Wireless Charger. Now to decide eBay or Best Buy. edit: Went with eBay, I buy crap there all the time, Best Buy sux.
  4. It's actually a party game. There's a bomb that has puzzles. You print out pieces of paper that have the puzzle solution. One person describes what they see, and the other people tell them the solution to the puzzle.
  5. The Gear VR games dropped. After you plug your phone in and trigger the Gear VR installation (which you then have to remove your phone from the Gear VR, grrrrr....), your games should show up in My Library in the Oculus Rift Store (I had my Oculus Store set up on Monday, they just added today). The Sprint games are: -Eve: Gunjack -Esper 2 -Herobound: Spirit Champion -Dead Secret -Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes -Star Chart (under Experiences)
  6. I probably would not do it until you need it. Currently there's no published way to undo the process other than Factory Reset. I'm sure someone will figure it out. That mixed with what I said above, you might unintentionally slow down your device.
  7. That's not bad for a 200GB card. Generally, as the microSDXC cards get bigger they get slower. 3.5 GB in 15 minutes is about 5 MB/sec write speed. Pretty decent for a larger card (and smaller files are generally slower). My 64GB Samsung EVO+ card benchmarks at 23 MB/sec write (65 MB/sec read). For comparison the UFS 2.0 internal NAND is 110 MB/sec write (300 MB/sec read). You can use this to benchmark your SD card (it will not delete your data, it benchmarks the free space): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a1dev.sdbench I'd recommend you at least benchmark it. If you use SD for android apps, and the read/write is dramatically different, you might introduce lag in your device. The 128GB Samsung PRO+ 90/90 card is $89. I'll probably pick one up in 6 months when it's below $50 when I'll need Adopted Storage. http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/memory-storage/MB-MD128DA/AM
  8. You can enable Adopted Storage via ADB! Obviously you'd want a fast Samsung Pro+ card supporting 90 MB/sec read AND write. http://www.modaco.com/news/android/heres-how-to-configure-adoptable-storage-on-your-s7-s7-edge-r1632/ You can also partition the card so that part of it is readable in a standard computer (you'd obviously want to turn off the phone before removing the card). Store pictures on half and use the other half for extra App space. 32GB is plenty for me for now (though my 16GB on my S5 was limiting), but it's nice to have in reserve.
  9. The displays are virtually laminated to the glass, so it comes out looking more like paper. It's beautiful. I really can't go back to LCD displays. The internal air gaps end up refracting and reflecting light and just make everything look fake. Even with IPS. It sounds like Samsung is warming up to selling its displays after letting Huawei use it on the Nexus 6p (that and they have competition with LG starting to develop flexible OLED displays). Rumor is the HTC 10 will use Samsung OLED. Then there's the other phones that have been announced with edge displays.
  10. Someone on the reddit thread this popped up claimed you won't be eligible for the $30 if you do the wireless charger after asking Samsung customer support. But we all know how right customer support can sometimes be. Proceed at your own risk. http://www.samsung.com/us/samsung-pay/gift-card/terms-and-conditions/index.html The wireless charger promo gives you a direct coupon code for Samsung.com. So you can order it for 1-3 day free shipping as opposed to the past promos that didn't show up for 4-6 weeks.
  11. It looks like the new Samsung Pay promo will be $30 for Galaxy S7 / Edge users when you make your first purchase after 3/11. Current promo is Free Wireless Charger when you sign up and link a card. Looks like you can double-dip (link a card now and then do your first purchase after 3/11). Do it now! So you can get a Free Wireless Charger and a $30 gift card for a free case! Makes me feel a little better about passing up the $100 gift card for Target/Sams Club. Details: http://www.tmonews.com/2016/03/new-samsung-pay-users-can-now-score-a-free-wireless-charging-pad/ - Instructions on how to get the wireless charger http://imgur.com/nJaQFYg I'd prefer the Fast Wireless Charger, but hey, a wireless charger is one I don't have to buy (will be great for travel since I have a Moto 360). My Samsung Pay was getting stuck on the set-up for Verification Method PIN/Fingerprint. I had to uninstall the updates and re-install and then it worked. I think when I first set up the phone Samsung Store notified me of a Samsung Pay update and I installed it. That might have broke it. Just my experience in case someone has the same issue. Uninstall the update and re-install through Samsung Pay.
  12. Looks like the review embargo lifted. Holy crap, dat battery life: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10120/the-samsung-galaxy-s7-review/2
  13. If he really loved you he'd bring it to work! j/k congrats
  14. Being a Sprint model, I can confirm the device does have FM RADIO support (GSM Arena omits this). Also, all the Sprint bloat (except Voicemail) is fully uninstallable. It was frustrating if anything since Sprint ID failed to install everything on first setup and it didn't finally install it all until today. I uninstalled it immediately.
  15. A few tips: -In the Camera, under "Mode" at the bottom, at the top is "Download". You can download more camera modes (Sport mode, GIF mode, and Dual camera mode) -I got sick of the rounded icons quickly (a mix of rounded icons and Material icons), but I replaced it with a Material theme. Long press home screen > Themes > More Themes > "More" (top right) > Search > "Material Design" (by Cameron Bunch - it's FREE). The Material theme makes the UI much more consistent. -I like RSBrowser (general tip): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rsbrowser.browser&hl=en It runs an older version of Chrome (open source Chromium), but has a built-in ad-blocker and supports Google bookmarks/password syncing and auto-fill. It's also custom-compiled to run faster on Snapdragon. (On Marshmallow it's a little janky since it doesn't seem to ask for permissions properly, I had to go into the Application Manager and turn on the permissions, then I could add my Chrome/Google account to it and give it permission. For some reason the permission notification stays on top until you reboot).
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