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  1. RT @coollike: Hands up if you talk to your cat as though they were a human magically trapped inside a cat's body because YOU CAN NEVER BE S…

  2. "The only reward you get at the end of trying not to be who you were, or witnessing someone else change into a pers… https://t.co/ZprqubeCOa

  3. "Don't worry, they'll lose interest in a couple of weeks... Unless you slash their tires like I did..."

  4. RT @deaddilf69: Straight people beat the living shit out of their kids n then worry abt Disney princess being gay ruining their children ht…

  5. "Computers are your life aren't they?" "Yes... The perfect hiding place."

  6. RT @JoyAnnReid: They're next-day UPS-ing condolence letters. This is embarrassing, even for this White House. https://t.co/Z9dpt1GO8l

  7. RT @PhillyHomo: Constant need for reassurance of our relationship Anxiety Paranoid Anxiety Hot Tempered Emotional https://t.co/o2P5fGs8JA

  8. @VZWNow @sprint "Unlimited is only as good as the network it's on." Huh... That's funny VZW same spot, both under n… https://t.co/qIkSDI1bZT

  9. I would expect nothing less from my life than my past and present colliding at once...

  10. RT @suburbiangay: Everyone is talking about making or joining gay twitter gangs and I am over here like https://t.co/I37GoWOkxv

  11. So that's what it feels like to have your last shred of self worth destroyed...

  12. RT @haley_kobak: My dad asked my mom if poltergeist was based off a real event and my mom replies "yes Jim, a girl went into to the tv"

  13. RT @GG_quotes: Cyrus: Tell him everything. Blair: What if he doesn't love me after I do? Cyrus: Even everything is not enough. #gossipgirl

  14. RT @TProphet: Deeply disappointed that this 1990s-style racing game, produced by a North Korean coal mining company, is banned. ???? https://t…

  15. RT @lazygamereviews: Found an old hard drive that still has a Windows 3.1 version of Prodigy installed. Major nostalgia here! https://t.co/…

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