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  1. Denio's is practically right under the old WiMax 4g towers. That was the one area of Roseville-Rocklin that always got great Sprint data speeds, so it makes sense that's the area that would lead the way with LTE. Out here closer to Lincoln, about 12 miles north along 65 in Whitney Ranch, no LTE signals yet. My wife's getting LTE with VZW, but speeds are not great for her (about 9000-10000 Kbps) either. Still better than Sprint's 800 kbps with 3g.
  2. Any recent updates on LTE deployment for the Sacramento area? And would this include outlying areas like Rocklin, Lincoln, and Auburn? Coming up on contract renewal for all 4 family members, but not going to commit to Sprint unless LTE is coming by very early 2013. Any news appreciated.
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