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  1. Retweet if you're still awake.

  2. I don't know what my life would be without @biggestlosernbc. Love this show!

  3. First offseason workout tomorrow! If you're NOT in a winter sport BE THERE! #senioryear

  4. To this day White Chicks makes me rofl

  5. Shoveled my neighbor's driveway and sidewalk here in cold and snowy Mishawaka, Indiana. Feels good to help others. @AnnCurry #26acts

  6. Pray for the families of the victims of today's shooting in Newtown, CT. #PrayForNewtown

  7. Retweet if I should create a "Bring a Dave & Buster's to South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana!!!!" page.

  8. anxiously awaiting the Powerball numbers........

  9. Powerball up to $550 million!!!!!

  10. That root beer float hit the spot!!!!!!!

  11. Manti Te'o for Heisman! 9 tackles and 2 sacks in one quarter!

  12. If she drives on the road. Give her the "D"etour. @SheWantThaD

  13. Here's to the people who thought that Notre Dame was going to lose last night! GO IRISH!

  14. Robert I see South Bend, IN on the list as well as Elkhart-Goshen, IN. What about Mishawaka, IN?
  15. Beyond Scared Straight premieres its new season tonight on A&E 10/9C! #excited #can't wait #relieved

  16. Robert, how many sites in Mishawaka are slated to get 4G LTE?
  17. chick fil a always hits the spot :)#satisfied #greatnight

  18. I <3 Madea movies

  19. The busiest I've ever seen Chick-Fil-A . So busy my mom wouldn't stop :( It feels like Sunday! #disappointed http://t.co/CDCGu13L

  20. An IMAX theater is coming to South Bend!!!! No exact date yet. RT if you're excited

  21. Golden Corral is coming to Mishawaka. Should open by the end of November or early December. My birthday is November 26th! #imreallyexcited

  22. Hide ya kids. Hide ya wife. And hide ya husbands cuz it's Friday the 13th out there!

  23. I hate bikers.........

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